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  1. To be honest, I too have defected (to the Apple camp). Can you blame Paul?

    I loved windows mobile, but the second I Jailbroke my iPhone I was amazed at the things I could do!

    Exchange support is brilliant, for years I kept telling myself windows mobile is the only phone that can do exchange properly!

    The phone just works and everything is logical.

    I'd love to try an Android phone and I assume Paul propably re-discovered the fun of hacking/cooking/modding phones and making applications that belong in 2010!

    Read his twitter feed, he talks alot about android and you can tell that he's really into it.

    It's very hard to be excited about windows mobile these days.

  2. Oh, WinMo, you are a funny beast. I first fell in love with you way back in 2002 with the original Orange SPV (zOMG YOU CAN GET WINDOWS ON A PHONE!!!). Your PIM was (and still is to be fair) outstanding, and I loved that I could run programs on you (apps is a sickly iPhone word). Your inadequacies were charming, they made me learn about ROM's and bootloaders and SIM locks, and there was that smug satisfaction of tweaking whatever Vario you were powering at the time and making it quicker or run something cool. I stayed mostly faithful when the first iPhone came out (sure, I had a fling when I had to run two phones for a while, but you understood right?). I had an even big test of our relationship when Android came out, I mean, look it it, it's sexy as hell. And now, as my contract on my Touch HD is up, you tease me with the HD2, that glorious slab of gadgety goodness, and I go weak at the knees with that Snapdragon processor and your new capacitive screen.

    But my darling, I'm sick of your tantrums now. I don't want to wait half a second for you to realise I'm dialing a number. I don't want lag and poor frame rate when I'm trying to take a picture. I don't want you to take an age sending a text message. I don't want to repeat a keystroke because you missed it. I want quick. I want sexy. I want apps. I want to do everything in one device. Your HTC makeup is running thin, and what's underneath is slow and boring. So WinMo, this is it, I'm leaving you. Be it the Hero, Nexus, or iPhone, I'm still weighing up the pros and cons of each, but for us, we're through.



  3. I now have an iphone, and it's back to how I was when I first got my SPV "Canary" I just can't put it down.

    Again, like me quite a few WM devices and now seriously considering the iPhone.

    Space Monkey

    I am personally looking at the iPhone. Like me, it shows you have also been through many WM devices.

    Does the iPhone do what you want it to do?

    ie: Is there a good reason to go back to WM?

    Does it?

    Compared to winmo, whats the GPS like? Whats OTA activesync/exchange like?

    Do you miss the homescreen? Is there any feature of WM that you actually miss?

  4. 1) The question is why? Why do you stick with Windows Mobile?

    2) What feature(s) make you stick with Windows Mobile?

    3) What deters you from other Mobile OS devices?

    1) The ability to customise every part of the phone, ROMS, GPS, activesync and exchange support, the ability to connect to a VPN connection and to join a windows domain.

    2) Above + RDP client.

    3) Honestly? Nothing anymore.

    These last couple of weeks I've asked myself the same three questions you've been asking.

    More specifically, do I upgrade to the HD2 or do I ditch windows and get the iPhone? After much reading and playing around with a lot of iphones I've noticed that the iPhone pretty much does what winmo does now. Plus it has an amazing screen and a great app store!

    The only thing that was holding me back was, the lack of GPS, the lack of native exchange support, the lack of being able to connect to a VPN network and CamerAware!

    Turns out the iPhone does all of this now and more! There is (unfortunately) a program that is very similar to CamerAware, (Paul if your reading this, please port it to the iPhone!) For the last couple of weeks I've been using an old nokia of mine for roaming purposes and I forgot what it was like to have a phone that just works, no crashing, no freezing, no soft-resets, no fidling around with CAB files, the list goes on...

    I dunno, I think WinMo is stuck. It hasn't changed in the last 5years.

    Gonna call vodafone and get me an iPhone...

  5. Am glad I am not the only one thinking and feeling the same way.

    Your not alone and I doubt we're the only ones who feel this way.

    I am seriously considering getting an iPhone or the Touch Pro 2, if the iPhone had a keyboard there would be no debate.

    I also understand, that with a "Jailbroken" iPhone, the 3rd party possibilities are also endless !

    Too true, my friend showed me his jailbroken iPhone, some incredible stuff.

  6. I think traditionally WM phones were always used by the more technologically gifted.

    Think about it, what mobile OS truly had, GPS, office mobile, proper exchange/outlook synchronisation and installable applications before WM?

    No one wanted GPS and maps on their phone? No wanted to read their e-mails on the go or read PDF's on the tube apart from business users and IT people.

    Blackberry has been around since the 80's, they were one of the first to get you your emails on your phone, but no one wanted a BB back then, they were too complicated, too costly and they were only good for the business users

    Enter BBM. BBM helped kick off the BB and now everysinge teenager, yuppie and businessman's got one.

    Oh and it does push e-mail without having to spend a fortune on CALS and new devices - if your a company.

    To this day I could'nt give my mother my Kaiser and just expect her to know how to use it, she did however go and buy an iPhone 6months ago and now knows it inside out and never called me to help her out and she is not the most technologically gifted person in the world, but the iPhone is shiny, it has her music on it, she can browse the internet, she installed wikipedia from the app store and she got it connected to her hotmail!

    She's never reset it, its never frozen, its never crashed, its easy, and..... it works.

    Seriously, Pocket PC 3.1 and WM6 look the same, they act the same, they both freeze, they all need soft resets, they all need to be hard-reset every 6months, they are laggy, they all need a stylus, you cant just send a text message without some sort of keyboard lag, bla bla bla bla bla....

    Also, Apple makes just the iPhone, nothing else, they put all their effort into a perfect union between hardware and software and concentrate on one phone at a time.

    BlackBerry, make what, 3-4 phones a year? All running the same OS and all with the same purpose and same quality, yet RIM puts all its effort into just those 3 or 4 phones a year.

    Nokia is kind of the same. They have a very good, very stable OS, they just marry the hardware to their software and makes sure it works.

    My 3310 and my 6210 still switch on and still work perfectly with 2-3 days of battery after nearly 6years.

    Microsoft just make an OS, they never see any hardware and they don't seem to be making any radical changes to their OS or concentrating on it very much.

    Realistically, WM has not changed in forever. Nothing is new. All they seem to do is add stuff on as they go and hope that the phone manufacturers and carriers will take care of the rest. Where would WM be without HTC?

    Finally in terms of price, WM is expensive. Not just owning one, but probably building a WM device too.

    Phones are supposed to work and update with the times.

    WM was once the front-runner when there was no alternative and it seems that everyone's caught up.

  7. Simon, my upgrade is due now and I feel exactly the same way you do.

    The only thing that held me back was, like you, TomTom, RDP and Exchange.

    Now that Google sync is functioning correctly and the 3GS has GPS, I'm not quite sure whats keeping me back?

    4years of WM phones? 4years of waiting for a decent browsing experience, 4years of waiting for a phone that "just works".

    I don't know what to do, for the last week or so I've been debating between the Touch Pro 2 or an iPhone... Hell, I even played around with BlacBerry Messenger the other day and I must admit BBM is pretty damn good (the rest of the BB was crap though).

    There is a reason half the worlds got a BB or an iPhone and not WM.

  8. I've been on the fence for sometime regarding the TP2.

    My contract is up for renewal and if reading this thread is anything to go by the TP2 is going to outshine my faithful Kaiser.

    Still on the fence though.


    How long till the "TP3" comes out?

    The Leo is now out, how long do you guys think till a 1ghz touch and type phone from HTC will take to be announced?

    Should I just get the TP2?

  9. have phoned orange bout leaving them co'z of the outrageous upgrade price of touch hd. then a cs rep told me to wait for touch pro(2 weeks ago), says that probably he can give me a good deal that time. apparently when i rang them again the next cs rep i spoke to says that Touch Pro 2 is still on testing.

    can't wait anymore, go to mobile phones direct last friday ported my number on vodafone and voila the next day i already have it (touch pro 2 is network unlock and using htc rom so a bonus for me). :D

    Wow! What?

    You got an unbranded Touch Pro 2, SIM unlocked and using the original HTC ROM on Vodafone!?!?!?! 0o

  10. whats going to take me away is the palm pre which looks like a great communications device plus windows mobile 6.1/5? i'm just not satisfied with windows mobile any more. i just want something that works well out of the box without the need to install media players, browsers, file explorers etc. M$ has had long enough to get things smoother and faster but with the exception of htc and a few others i have not seen enough improvements which warrent another 18 month contract or £300-£400.

    I would have to agree. I've had windows mobile phones for the last three years! All HTC.

    The novelty of being able to customise your phone to hell and back wares off after the 10th hard reset.

    Windows mobile gets bogged down way too quickly! For the first year I never thought that having to pay attention to which programs where running and what the current memory consumption was like would annoy me. Then it did.

    Sometimes I just want to run TomTom and Google Maps, putty, pOutlook, pIE, activesync, dashwire all with the bluetooth enabled at the same time and not have to go in the damn task manager to kill some programs - yes I know you can hold the close button or set it to automatically close etc...

    M$ says they do it so that you can access your programs faster, why the hell just not clean up the whole way WM functions so that the programs load faster isntead?

    I'm also sick and tired of having to hard-reset the damn thing every 6-9months.

    Also for the love of god, someone figure how to update ALL windows phones at the SAME time!

    There is a windows update feature on the phone is there not? I've never seen an update available! EVER!

    Why does windows permit carriers do decide wether or not their users deserve an update from 5.0 to 6.0? From 6.0 to 6.1?

    I think updating the mobile OS should be centralised and managed by windows, not by the networks!

    Surely if your trying to boost sales of a product which is in a super competitive market - BlackBerry, iPhone anyone? - you would want users to feel that they are being taken care of and benefiting from all the updates available to them? I like many other users, had to make my way to XDA-dev and run the risk of bricking my phone in order to take advantage of the update. Though the excuse I suspect will be due to the diversity of the hardware used.

    Also anyone has yet to create a battery that can go a day without charging - one that does not deform the phone.

    Only problem is, every time I hard reset I remember why I got the phone in the first place!

    The link with the phone and exchange is amazing. Second to none.

    The flexibility of adding nearly any desktop equivalent application on your phone - putty, rdp, keepas, word, excel etc...

    In my case, the slide out keyboard.

    All in all, windows phones are very good. But if they ever want to get more popular, break some ground and seriously compete with other phones on the market they need to be simpler without compromosing on all the advanced functionality. You know, like the iPhone, blackberry and symbian!

    Hell as much as I hate blackberry's I'm thinking of getting one. It supports exchange, its got google maps, its smaller than my current phone, its got BlackBerry messenger - which lets not kid ourselves is very practical - and most importantly, its ready out of the box, idiot proof.

    Either way my contract ends in September.

    Somone just make a phone that works.

  11. Guys hi!

    I've had my Kaiser for a while now and flashed it a while ago with TLR's first ROM and its been running fine for months now.

    I've just gone on holiday for a month - and as such am stuck on a 56k modem :D - switched on my phone this morning and instead of the phone booting up I was presented with - at least I think - is the HardSPL bootloader, the red, green, blue and white colored screen and "Serial" at the bottom of the screen.

    Whats happened? lol

    Is the ROM gone? Is the phone bricked?

    Is there a way of getting the phone back to normal? Is it just a question of re-flashing the ROM?

    I've tried searching on here and XDA but have not had any real luck due to the fact that it takes 5mins to load modaco's home page on this connection.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated guys! Thank you.

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