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    Controlling the external LED

    After quite of bit more searching on the internet, I found the program I was looking for, then immediately a better program which also does the same thing. The better program is Don't Forget, available at http://blog.softimage.cz/?page_id=83 . I don't have a link to the first program, and the filename ( LED_v1.exe for the curious) doesn't lend itself to internet searches well.
  2. snesdude

    Headphone adaptors for STRTRk?

    One could get away without soldering by entangling both wires together and using a lot of electrical tape :) . I did this to make an Xbox<->USB adapter for the controller, and it worked, but I don't think it could take much stress. Heatshrink would probably work much better, but still the wires may come apart without soldering. See here for hacking up the included headset into a 3.5mm jack adapter.
  3. snesdude

    My StrTrk IMEI ends in '8500'!

    I noticed this almost immediately after I got my microSD card; I thought that perhaps I could cheat the slot and hotswap it in/out, but instead found the phone turning off when I opened it up. Maybe they don't want us accidentally (or purposefully) taking the battery or sim card out while it is on.
  4. I'm looking for an application to customize the flashing of the LEDs on my 3125; I believe I remember seeing an application for this purpose a long time ago, but that was before I got my phone and I can't find it now. I've tried searching on Google, here, and Howardforums to no avail. Does anyone know of this application? I found out about this in a post in which the power consumption difference was described for e.g. one flash every eight seconds vs. one flash every four seconds (the numbers were likely different, but the concept is the same).

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