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  1. "*Note* The HDMI to MicroUSB cable will be compatible with the U.S. variants such as T-Mobile’s Samsung Vibrant and AT&T’s Samsung Captivate." This means that the International version has no support? :(
  2. It doesn't work either. I have tested that. Thanks anyway. :lol:
  3. Hi, I tried to use the JE5 CSC (from JE3 original ROM) with Spanish (Spain) language selected, but after the flashing process it's set in english!, It's seems to be an CSC incompatibility, and I've been searching for JE2's CSC but it's not for entire Europe (not spanish language inside?). Be careful to use another CSC that's not come with original with ROM. :lol: Update: I've found the complete JE1 CSC. :D Update 2: After testing with JE2 CSC, only english it's possible, not spanish. :D
  4. Hi, I have tested this ROM with Spanish language, and I have only 2 big problems: The battery is draining too fast and the lockscreen doesn't switch to normal (maintains the phone locked on black screen)!. Now, I have been testing with the previous eBoot that I succesfully tested (JD3) and the lockscreen it's fine but the battery it's draining also. I'll be back to JD3. Thank you michyprima for your efforts!. PD: Someone can provide me the original taskmgr.exe from Windows folder?. Thanks.
  5. It's seems to be true... "X" don't close the apps. :s (And no option to do so in Configurations)
  6. Configuration > Opera Link. You have to create a Opera account for it.
  7. Give a chance to Opera Link. It save the bookmarks, history, passwords and start page bookmarks. :P
  8. here is the lite version cab. When ask for a License simply press Yes with WiFi activated. :( Ompass_World_Cities.zip
  9. I've been doing exactly that. But as I said, the app quits while the list it's populated. :) BTW, I have SPANISH Secany's JA5.
  10. I can only get to step 2. When I select SMP_MEDIA_PLAYLIST and while the list is filled, the application craches and quits itself. I have 170 songs.
  11. I guess that the way for to do this is selecting SMP_MEDIA_LIBRARY, right?, but while the application is populating the list, it simply quits. Thanks for your help!
  12. Many thanks wes58 for this great idea!. Usefull app. I have a few bugs with latest version. I have entered 2 folders in Settings (one for Music and another for Videos), but the player still adding ALL media files that it finds. Any ideas.? Please continue improving this App!
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