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  1. Cool - was coming over here for a moan about the lack of a worthwile upgrade from my Trinity (My brothers Orbit 2 seems bigger, less robust and clunkier) and seem to have stumbled accross the answer. Now, if only I could get this on Orange.... ...I know what your thinking - but I'm a plasterer and I NEED Orange care.
  2. debully

    WMDC / Orbit sync

    SOLVED -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FFS I hope this helps someone and am fairy sure it will. The problem is MS's answer to the problems that ppl were having syncing from wmplayer and their storage cards (I guess) Basically, everytime the device is connected a few processes connected with windows media player start and if not manually ended will terminate the connection. To be able to terminate these processes I had to put my laptop into power saving mode to lower the cpu speed and gain enough time to hit the 'end process' button a few times. When you finally manage to stop each wmplayer connected service (i used task manager sorted alphabetically to see them) the device will install and WM DC will finally sync. Things to note: WMDC and WMDC drive update were uninstalled - pc was rebooted. advanced usb connectivity was turned off on device existing partnerships had been deleted in activesync on device *autoplay options set to 'do nothing' in Vista control panel* Although this problem did not appear on 3 of my old devices, it is not a specific Artemis problem as I have read MANY reports of the same behaviour. WMplayer will have to be manually killed on each connection or the device will disconnect - any ideas how to stop WMDC from launching on pluggin in device are welcome. Maybe this would be more useful in a general networking forum as it is not Artemis specific from what I have gathered.
  3. Hi - x-posted from xda-devs but I'm really getting peed off now. Background: No problems with vista/orbit before sending laptop of for a hdd swap out, comes back with a new drive and I do a fresh install of Vista, WMDC has been updated to final version 6 in the mean time and nothing now works. Orbit is then hard resetted. WMDC tries to set up the device but before I can press the 'set up my device button' my laptop thinks the device has disconnected. This fault happens however I try and connect my device. Any sugestions are welcomed, but I am rapidly running out ideas myself. Nothing I try resolves this problem. And I now believe I have tried everything, including: reinstalling vista on a new partition, trying to install without additional drivers, with additional drivers, 3 different cables, virus scanners off, firewalls off, 3 other devices connect/sync ok - not Artemis' tho - not WM5 devices. uninstalling and reinstalling wmdc and driver update - reboots in between, port opening, driver forcing, new bios - old bios. Advanced USB connectivity on/off Amonst other stuff! And still the problem is the same: I plug in the phone - and the device listed in device manager under portable devices (Windows Mobile device) appears until just after the 'set up your device' box appears in WMDC then dissapears. WMDC then reports 'not connected' The driver which dissapears reports this to ms: Description: Windows was able to successfully install device driver software, but the driver software encountered a problem when it tried to run. The problem code is 0. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: PnPDeviceProblemCode Architecture: x86 Hardware Id: TCPIP\WINDOWS_MOBILE_DEVICE Setup class GUID: {eec5ad98-8080-425f-922a-dabf3de3f69a} PnP problem code: 00000000 Driver name: WUDFRd.sys Driver version: 6.0.6000.16386 Driver date: 11-02-2006 OS Version: 6.0.6000. Locale ID: 2057 Read our privacy statement: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?link...3&clcid=0x0409 I just cannot get my head round this. TIA debully
  4. debully

    No Pocket MSN on MDACIII?

    Dont think the Tmob version has the hardware. I can confirm that the Orbit does come with pocketMSN.
  5. debully

    Upgrade Time!

    Aint these about £200?
  6. debully

    XDA Orbit question

    yes its completely possible to install a T9 keypad as an input method. This is easily installed via a cab file that has probably been ripped out of another phones rom. Don't think you'll find it around these parts but if you head over to xda-developers and have a look in the Artemis forum I think you'll find what your looking for. Works like any other t9 - i.e. you can add words etc.
  7. Just phone o2shop in Worcester - I was a new customer porting from Orange: I got an Orbit - Free Contract Length - 12 Months Contract Price - £35 / month Minuites - 400 anytime/any network + unlimited sat,sun,mon anynetwork anytime for 6 months. Texts - 100 / month. I didn't even have to blag em - they just threw this at me and I willingly accepted.
  8. debully

    Trinity - When is it out?

    Well after securing an orbit this saturday for absolutely free on a £35 / month (400 MINS/100 TXTS) contract I can honstly say that the RollR aint that bad. I'd rather have a conventional m500 d-pad but it aint a pain in the rear. Tend to use the ring more really which is a rather inspired creation. The FM radio is decent enough on strong signals such as radio1, not so good on weaker signals. Shame theres no EQ settings. Shame they insist on hard wiring the crappy HTC earpieces and not provide a 3.5mm socket in which to plug your Senheissers into. Aint had chance to try the GPS yet as I've had to order a miniSD card to host the software. Comes with bluetooth 1.2 which is a disappointment IMO. Great device though - lighter and smaller than the Magician it replaces (although not as German feeling). Would recommend to anyone who just cant wait for the Trinity - especially if u need integrated GPS.
  9. I got one for free on £35 contract from o2 shop in Worcester. woukdn't thro in a free sd card tho!
  10. debully

    Trinity - When is it out?

    Hmm - didn't realise that about the microSD/miniSD - looks like 2Gig is the current limit for micro ATM compared to 4Gb for Mini - I currently have a 2GB in my M500 and TBH its more than adequate for a few apps, TTN5 and 20 albums. Hopefully micro will catch up with mini? How bad *is* the RollR? Reveiws seem a bit 'marmite' to me. Would be nice to hear your professional opinion. The Orbit's RollR glows blue BTW...woooooo.... :-) debully
  11. debully

    Trinity - When is it out?

    The GPS functionallity in the Trinity consists of two parts. First the Qualcomm 6275 chip which contains the processing part and provides the possibillity of assitence by cellphone towers (AGPS). (Source:HTC - via http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...234&page=8) Yes the T-mob variant has SirfStar - sorry if that was misleading. To reiterate - the only thing the Trinity seems to have over the Artemis is 3G.
  12. debully

    Trinity - When is it out?

    Looks like being a dodgy sort of GPS chip which will rely on the availability of a GSM network to get a fix. Orange will make a fortune in GPRS charges when users eventually use the GPS. Personally I've had enough already of the complete vagueness of this device and wouldn't be surprised if the GPS never materialises through official channels. I'm therefore plumbing for the the Artemis in an O2 variety which has a superior SurfStar GPS chip and wi-fi which the T-Mob variant has not - which is a shame as the WaW deals are good value IMO. Its worth mentioning that the o2 device is actually smaller and lighter than my current M500 but has a shed load more feutures. The only thing it seems to lack is 3G - I aint gonna miss that! It looks like O2's insurance is now finally comparable (but not as good) as the Orange Care that i rely heavily on. (I'm a self-employed plasterer - I need the business aspects of a PPC but tend to drop the phones in buckets of gooey liquid). Just phoned o2 and told it'll be available from Monday - no prices yet though. Please keep this information to yourself! Adios
  13. debully

    WM2003 PE + Vista Sync

    once again dude you've proved yourself to be a pillock of the very highest order. I hope this query isnt taken down because of an ill-informed over-zealous ***t like you as many people will have exactly the same sync issue as me, and will now find an answer due to the fact I have had the courtesy of answering my own post.
  14. Ain't gonna shell out nearly £300 for software that doesn't sync with my phones now am I! Vista final has been downloadable from MS for a good few days now: http://www.4winmobile.com/portal.php?topic_id=3861 Aint too keen on over-eager goody-two-shoes on here. Maybe a mod can call you an idiot?
  15. Answering my own post: found this - did the trick... http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;DisplayLang=en Hope this helps someone. Adios, Debully

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