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  1. Current device: Black Nokia N82 Future Device: Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. I would have chosen the Touch Hd but after one year with a iphone, I prefer having an actual keyboard.
  2. They have not updated the graphics since the PocketPC version??? Talk about lazy port... :D
  3. Is it the only model they will be launching or there are more to come?
  4. Aren't the gecko and webkit engines already way more efficient than the ie6 one?
  5. It's built by htc so I think there shoulnd't be any problem other than driver issue maybe :D ... I sure wish they gave us a precise release date so that I can decide weither wait for it or get a kaiser.
  6. Don't you have msdnaa in your college? At the moment we have visual studio 2005 professional, I guess we'll get the 2k8 version soon ^^.
  7. It doesn't the touch is based in the Omap850... But the touch dual and cruise are based on the msm7200 so if the cruise driver support is garbage I don't think htc can pull out the same answer they gave us about the Tilt since the touch is marketed as a multimedia device compared to the tilt that is a mobile office(quoted from their site).
  8. Now that is sweet... 2008 sure is gonna be a long wait...
  9. You can still feel the omap 850 struggling......... Hopefully the next iteration will get a qualcomm or a xscale processor...
  10. It's a shame they kept the old comm manager... the htc one looks way better that the default one.....
  11. But the US version has a better battery and US 3G and it has a tv-out :) (Actually that would be the thing that would make me choose the nokia over the kaiser....)
  12. Is it microsdhc compatible? When is it released? Does the camera have a LED light? .... Damn it's gonna be hard to chose between this and a N95.....
  13. Mmmmmh... This or a n95... The choice will be hard....
  14. Is that already included in wm6 or I still have to get the patch?
  15. Indeed, but I'm wondering.....in wich category do you put this thing? To big to be considered a true smartphone and not enough power to be considered a UMPC......A hybrid?
  16. Does it work if I'm already a member of m:panel? Will I still be entered in the sweepstake?
  17. You want me to do a review?....If yes my answer is no : I dont trust my writing talent enough for that and I dont have time for this......
  18. I suppose we'll get the same things in the next release of TMCP....
  19. I have this and it seems to play videos better on my HTC wizard....Maybe they got some optimizations for the 200mhz cpus?...
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