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  1. That's what they said about their other "flagships" like the P990i and P1i. All were late, were full of bugs and slow as molasses (still are). That's with months of extra testing (though from the state of the released firmware it's hard to believe they did any). If we've now got Sony Executives with Extremely Long Job Titles (isnt it funny how you can be a VP of anything these days) publicly declaring that it won't be late, then I dread to think how that testing schedule is going to be shortened when the engineers are forced to give in to the men in grey suits.

    Sure, it looks nice (Sony's speciality), but I can't help thinking their track record on smartphones hasn't been so good so far.

    It's built by htc so I think there shoulnd't be any problem other than driver issue maybe :D ... I sure wish they gave us a precise release date so that I can decide weither wait for it or get a kaiser.

  2. Unless they address the SERIOUS DRIVER ISSUES, many people will be totally dissapointed in their new HTC phones. I am for sure, the Tilt has severe issues.


    It doesn't the touch is based in the Omap850... But the touch dual and cruise are based on the msm7200 so if the cruise driver support is garbage I don't think htc can pull out the same answer they gave us about the Tilt since the touch is marketed as a multimedia device compared to the tilt that is a mobile office(quoted from their site).

  3. To be a little more objective here...and as a VERY long-time EPOC/ Symbian user who has converted to WM, the N95 has no keypad. The N95 has far too little memory. The N95 battery won't last for a flight across the country listening to music and have enough juice to call a cab when you land. So, no. I won't be waiting for the N95 and am glad that My upgrade w/ ATT is due in early October! :P

    But the US version has a better battery and US 3G and it has a tv-out :) (Actually that would be the thing that would make me choose the nokia over the kaiser....)

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