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  1. Is anybody able to get Trackball Alert Pro working on Android 4.4.2 with the latest Xposed Framework? I cant get it to work on the OmniROM nightlies.
  2. I could imagine that all or most review sites get their review devices from the manfuctures directly. And most likely they were handpicked before. That's why most independent consumer review services buy their test subjects from the shops and sometiems get a different (more realistic) result.
  3. Kelvino9

    Today Only: Grab a free Cerberus anti theft lifetime licence

    Too bad I already used up their trial period. Great service though
  4. Great, been waiting for such an update. Thank you.
  5. Kelvino9


    Got hooked with Gowalla similar to Foursuqare
  6. As long as you don't wipe your phone through clockwork-recovery before flashing any ROM your previous data and settings will stay on the phone. It will just be updated with what comes from the new ROM package. However this mainly works between ROMs from the same developer, but seldom between ROMs from different builds or developers. A clean install (full wipe) is always recommended to avoid issues, but not essential as in your case gforums 2.2 ROM is till in a very early stage, but fore me it's already suitable for daily use. For me it it is stable and very responsive, making the device fun to use.
  7. Thanks for the ROM. Besides the known bugs this ROM really improves the Blade's performance. Feels almost as good as my Nexus One. Appreciating your efforts on this.
  8. I'm running Launcher Pro Plus on gforums Froyo ROM and so far I had no issues regarding LP force closing or lagging. Overall the jump from 2.1 to 2.2 gives the San Fransisco a great performance boost and with Launcher Pro and some widgets it's almost as fun as using my Nexus One.
  9. Kelvino9

    Trackball Alert Pro (for Nexus One)

    Great App. It's definitely worth the £1.99
  10. Kelvino9


    Thanks for sharing, Paul. Been using Glympse for a week now and love it. Dropped Latitude as my standard tracker software. Also my friends are totally satisfied using it, works well with their WinMo and iPhones.
  11. Kelvino9

    Facebook Linking

    Thanks for sharing that

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