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  1. I'm getting awful lag in recent view, this is happening after dirty flashing and clean super wipe everything… is anyone experiencing the same? Im sure it’s a CM thing as I never get this plain MoDaCo builds <_< Slds,
  2. since this is stock rom, I believe there is no way to modify lock screen options other than using faceunlock, pin, pattern but if you meant lockscreen shortcuts then you may want to check http://www.modaco.co...e-galaxy-nexus/ slds,
  3. thanks I'll give nova launcher a try first and see what happens... I'll report later. Slds Edit: with nova launcher the same happens.. That's weird >_>
  4. Can someone who uses ever note application tell me if you can see both widgets in the widgets list? Using trebuchet at the moment and I only see the 1x1? Slds,
  5. Finally set up everything up again and mine is also running great... Thanks a lot for this builds. Slds,
  6. with your support sounds like a great idea... B) we all know CM can have its hickups here and there but like you said to play around with will be great. I for example still miss on your ROM some sound tweak, I also have an S3 that I use for work and it just sounds so much louder than the nexus and having a stable CM rom supported by you should have already included a good sound tweak so to me personally that sounds pretty tempting... By the way, are you updating the S3 thread? do you still own one? happy weekend to everyone...!!! slds,
  7. enjoy this time, thanks for keeping us up to date with the latest..:!!! feliz año...!!
  8. +1 jaja... :P i feel normal battery drain on 4.2.1 aswell but different users, different setups = different results for everyone. slds,
  9. is XXLH1 the latest baseband? I'm running XXLF1 with the rom I flashed this past weekend from the kitchen... should I upgrade? have not really tested the phone as I'm giving it to my wife so I just set up everything for her but have not inserted the SIM card on it, she refuses to let go of her xperia arc :huh: slds, wow..!! I just realized all the new features of the lockscreen... cool BTW I'm also stuck with the search button on nav bar even though it was not chosen.
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