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  1. They are not banned in Europe - the issue is in the Netherlands - which is samsungs distribution centre for Europe. So this causes issues but not a European wide ban.
  2. Working on Windows 64 bit Ultimate and home premium. Try a different USB port - worked for me.
  3. W7 seems to be standardising things but seriously restricting its functionality. Are they purposefully trying to alienate their core users to *try* and get a larger market share? Android will wipe the floor with them (tbh it already has). Bye bye WM................
  4. Too little too late. By WM and MoDaCo. Three news posts in two days - that is more than the last 6 months..... I am glad that I have 18 months left on my HD2 as by that stage Android will wipe the floor with Apple and WinMo. WinMo are now a bit player and nothing more. This is from someone who has had WinMo from the beginning and has never deviated. Well from WinMo anyway. Worried about MoDaCo as it is less of a player now than WinMo even though you have long term contributors like awarner (and me!) in the wings....................
  5. I have a feeling that this post was an encore before the final curtain is brought down. Adieu, Dear MoDaCo. :D
  6. Since the 16th Feb there have been four news items (well three if you discount the one about lack of news). That makes nearly one news item a month :P I hope that everything is ok with Paul but if he is still doing the site fulltime (as I beleive he was) then this is a bit worrying. Oh well.
  7. Just moved from a HTC Diamond to a HTC HD2. Quite a good device but at the minute I have not had time to fiddle (apart from changing the ROM) so I will hold judgement until I have. I would ask you which one you are using but it is a smaller list if you mention which one you are not :(
  8. Now that is a quick response! Have a nice one Paul.
  9. I don't know if it is a problem with my settings here but the news page seemingly hasn't been updated for a month (shows mobile URL shortener as the top story). So the question is: Is MoDaCo dead?? (btw I hope that nothing is wrong with Paul :P )
  10. go look at XDA Developers there is a complete noobies guide there
  11. For £41 a month: - Free handset ;) - Unlimited anytime cross-network (and landline) minutes :P - Unlimited texts ;) - Unlimited data :P - 24 months :) - £65 cashback from quidco :D - On T-Mobile
  12. That's interesting - does it cost more? Cos if you go here http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/services/mobile-...phone-as-modem/ and click through "See which phones you can use to connect your laptop to the internet" you can get the Internet Plus Booster included (for free) and thus tether it. Surely?
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