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  1. *Note* This will remove all information/applications/contacts/email/messages/etc. from your phone. It will reset it to factory defaults or ROM defaults if you have installed one other than T-Mobile's official rom. 1. Turn off the phone. 2. Press and hold the two soft keys (two buttons on the left and right just below the screen). 3. While pressing the soft keys press the power/hang up button for ~1.5 seconds. 4. It will ask you to press the green send key to confirm that you want to hard reset, so press it if you are sure. 5. Wait for it to reset and then load up. It will take a while and it might reboot itself a couple of times before you can use it as normal.
  2. Good god, I'm not going to bother. Oh well, maybe this release can help someone cook up a real upgrade?
  3. Someone smarter than myself theorized in one of the several forums I visit that Deepfish was never intended to be released by that name. Deepfish was just a means to test some features to later be incorporated into pocket IE, much like in Windows Mobile 6.1, which is what I am hoping (quite possibly in vain) is what will be incorporated into the Shadow update whenever it is released.
  4. I don't know if this applies to the Shadow, but when hard resetting my other Windows Mobile phones I had to hold the power button for only 1 and 1/2 seconds then release (the power button, keep holding the two soft keys) and wait a few more seconds for the reset process to start.
  5. Dude, I am well aware that smartphones run WM Standard. If you read a little closer you will see that the line you quoted clearly says that WM6.1 will not bring that many changes in functionality to touchscreen (yeah, WM6.1 PROFESSIONAL) devices, but smartphone users are in for some notable improvements. Also, I am aware of what overclocking can do to battery life, but that's irrelevant. Speed improvements can be made to the ROM itself, dontcha know. I am also a longtime Windows Mobile user and have modded the crap out of every device I've ever had and FYI the SP5m Rom was a lot faster on my SDA and the HardSPL Rom worked far better than the original T-Mobile Wing Rom, neither of which was dependent on overclocking. Extra speed can be achieved through improvements in the software, and if we're lucky, so can overall battery life. Finally, that cool zooming feature is already available through Opera Mini which is now the only internet browser I will use on my Shadow. I suggest you check it out whether this whole T-Mobile update thing vapors out or not.
  6. Well, from what I can tell (if the screenshots of the Dash upgrade FAQ on the T-Mobile site are to be believed) those second two numbers make a little more difference than you believe. As far as I know, the only T-Mobile software upgrade released for the Dash was from WM5 to WM6 and in the middle of the Dash upgrade FAQ here it shows the image version upgrading from 1.11.531.1 to 1.22.531.4. If those numbers are to be believed, then the two digits after the first decimal point indicate a fairly significant change in software. Not wanting to get too optimistic here or anything, but I'll be interested to see what T-Mobile has in store for us Shadow owners.
  7. You buy them and then you rip the necessary files from the game disc to use with the emulator.
  8. I don't know if this applies to anyone else, but I thought my Shadow's wheel was unresponsive at first but it turns out it was a combination of my dry callused hands and the smooth plastic of the wheel itself. A little moisturizer on my thumb and WOW! Unfortunately I'm not going to carry around hand lotion to use every time I pull my phone out, but if someone else is having this problem then maybe putting your hands in gloves full of vaseline at night is the fix you are looking for.
  9. Hey all, don't know if anyone is interested, but I posted my mash up of different themes on the SBSH forums here.
  10. If it's within the warranty year, they will replace it. If you're interested, they will also give you a Dash instead as an alternate exchange phone.
  11. If you're going to do this like masterall did with the genesis emulator would you please make it an option that can be turned off? I'm a projectionist by trade and things in the wrong aspect ratio drive me absolutely insane. Thanks.
  12. I personally would love a desktop emulator for those times when I just cannot get past a section of a game with my cramped SDA keypad for whatever reason. Also I would love to be a beta tester for any and all emulators if it's still possible. Thanks.
  13. Well, imma give this a shot. With Zelda Oracle of Ages/Seasons it is impossible to get past the parts with that damn bear moosh because it can't register the rapid button pressing correctly. Is there any way to fix this? If not, is there any way to run the save files on a PC, get past that part using a controller on the PC then save and put the save file back onto the phone (T-Mobile SDA US)? Or, has anyone tried it with one of those bluetooth controller gadgets? That might work...
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