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  1. Many thanks for the reply.Although im still suffering with the same problem..iplayer v0.2 is only for htc diamond.does not work on touch hd.i get error 404. And the bbc no longer supports myplayer, i'll keep trawling.Thanks again
  2. Hi all.After tons of web trawling,I am close to giving up.All i want to to is catchup on some bbc radio programmes on BBC i player using my Orange Touch HD.Despite loads of websites claiming the Touch HD is compatible with Iplayer.The orange version is not compatible i believe,cus they've put their own web streaming player on it,which isnt compatible with iplayer. Ideally i'd like to flash an original htc rom on the phone and ditch the orange one,I've used many custom roms on my old kaiser and they were really unreliable.If there is a rock steady rom out there i will flash it...Does anyone have any ideas for me.A thousand thanks.
  3. Hello all.I've just got me a Htc TyTn ii on Orange. The problem is when the phone is in my pocket,it keeps coming on when the slide is moved a tiny bit,along with some plinky plonky sounds.(not good in a que) .How do i stop the phone coming alive when the keyboard is opened.This is going to hammer my batteries life.ive scanned through the pages and havent seen anything.im hoping there is a menu that ive missed that deals with this.cheers all.
  4. Alright Buddy.Strangely enough i've recently had the same fault,although the speaker on the back of the phone stopped working completely. What i did was wip the back off the phone using a T6 driver and i luckily found a tiny connector which clips onto the main board,this attaches to the speaker.the connector is white and there are a black and red wire going to it.This connector is for the loud speaker (where your ringtone comes out of).and mine had worked loose..i just pushed it back on and it clicked securely on.ive took a photo to try and make it less confusingGood luck.This Voids any waranties on your phone as you break a seal over one screw...Good luck
  5. Ive Managed to get my SDHC 4Gb card working with my standard Orange wm5, SPV M3100,(My SPV is Updated to the latest Orange rom),without changing my O.S to Wm6. Have a Look here. http://www.aximsite.com/boards/x50-x51-for...-2-3-1-rom.html. Ive attached the file also. I can confirm this works ,i have got an SDHC card. Place the file on your device launch the CAB file on your device,let it install,It will then restart,and low and behold SDHC cards work. ;) SDHC.CAB
  6. Alright everybody,i need the expertise of the Modaco community once more.I have an SPV M3100 on Orange.which is ace but when i slot a Micro SDHC 4Gb card in it dosen't see the card,in Settings/Memory/Storage card it displays "Not intalled", in file explorer it also does not appear, However if i insert a 2Gb Micro SD card all is well,is it the case the a Micro SDHC isnt gonna work,if thats the case i have a really small usless piece of plastic,which i constantly lose on the floor. Cheers in advance.
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