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  1. BenPye

    Google Chromecast delivers your content to your TV for $35

    Can somebody please explain exactly how this thing is powered and by what cables? The write up suggests that's it plugs straight into HDMI but is powered by usb? Mentions power lead supplied. Will this mean the simply plugs straight in means two connections and one unsightly cable?
  2. BenPye

    Nexus 4, 7 3G and 10 go on sale, 4 sells out

    Was logged on and ready by 8am this morning, after reading on XDA that they'd sold out in Australia within hours I figured that I better get it done early (asap). 8:00 Nexus 4 (16Gb) showing COMING SOON 8:05 Nexus 4(16Gb) showing COMING SOON 8:10 Nexus 4(16Gb) showing COMING SOON 8:15 Nexus 4(16Gb) showing COMING SOON 8:16 Finally IN STOCK Started attempts at Sale(s), I wanted 2 16Gb devices and 1 bumper case. Each screen and the responses to each button press was frightening slow (for Google) 8:19 Started buying again 8:20 Items in Your Cart - Your cart is currently empty. 8:21 Oops, we had a problem with your request. Please try again. 8:21 Only Nexus 4(8Gb) in STOCK (16Gb) showing COMING SOON 8:22 Only Nexus 4(8Gb) in STOCK (16Gb) showing COMING SOON <Started to pull my own hair out at this point> <thought I'd continue in the chance that stock was being released in batches?> 8:23 Started buying again 8:24 Cart Updated: The following items have been removed from your cart because they are currently unavailable. 2 x Nexus 4 (16GB) Nexus 4 Bumper (Black) Your cart is currently empty. 8:25 Started buying again 8:26 Cart Updated: The following items have been removed from your cart because they are currently unavailable. 8:27 Oops, we had a problem with your request. Please try again. 8:28 Cart Updated: The following items have been removed from your cart because they are currently unavailable. 8:30 Oops, we had a problem with your request. Please try again. After continual errors, I continually tried again only to encounter similar issues 8:31am Succeeded :) Now that wasn't easy!! :) 8:32 Only Nexus 4(8Gb) in STOCK (16Gb) showing COMING SOON 8:32 Received promised email that Nexus 10 was there to buy 8:42 Received promised email that Nexus 4 was there to buy (even though now out of STOCK)
  3. BenPye

    email on t-mobile

    just started using email on my TD2 and now have the exact same problem, could i have solution please? Thx ROM: Duttys Topaz WM6.5 LEO R5 Ultimate
  4. BenPye

    HTC Touch Dual Screen Turns Off

    me too.... appear to be no pattern that I've noticed so far.
  5. BenPye

    Cannot execute...

    Without meaning to sound very repeatitive..... I too am getting these errors, but only occasionaly , have the same software installed and agree that it usually only appears just after sync'ing! I have not noticed any adverse side affects caused as a result of this notification....has anyone? or can the messages simply be ignored?
  6. a hard reset......resolved the problem....then the new card arrived in the post!....bugger!
  7. i too am suffering from what is my SIP problems.....in that the device does not seem to remember what SIB to use or when it is using a particular one, does not stick to it! installing the free SIPChange seems to wreck the device and cause 2minute startup problems.... anyone? seen anyother SIB changing applications? tweaks/hacks? I know that i am not alone in suffering with SIPchange!
  8. HTC Nike – T-mobile Touch Dual – with 2Gb Micro SD Card I’m currently suffering severe problems with my memory card….Sprite Backup fails with the following error as does copying any files through ActiveSync. Has anyone else suffered from a similar problem? Or encountered this error before? If I remove the memory card and put it in a card reader I can copy of it without problem. I have removed all of the files from the card using a card reader, reformatted the card and then restored files and the same error still occurs. As a result I have ordered a new Card as a next step. I will hard-reset the machine if the new card does not work, although I am hesitant to do this as I cant get a complete backup of the device – due to Sprite Backup failures. As always any ideas appreciated!
  9. I too have been faced with the same problem that you now are…Previously had a Vario 2 (HTC Hermes) and had my upgrade opportunity. I was very split between the functionality (GPS/Wi-fi/Full Keyboard) offered by the Vario 3 (Kaiser) and the smaller/lighter/better looking/Touch Screen ability of the Touch Dual, being a tad of a vain technology lover….I opted for the Touch Dual – and believe that its great! If you can genuinely do within the missing functionality. For calls/texts/browsing/occasional email its perfect….and its small form is much easier to carry around. After a week with the Touch Dual very glad of the choice that I have made. I will recommend that you do read the forums as you unfortunately will need additional software, albeit the majority of it freeware, to ensure that the Touch experience is actually as slick and user-friendly as possible!. You wont beat a Sprite Backup for a backup tool either! I also use SPB Diary to ensure that my calendar is usually on such a small screen. (Neither of which are free) Hope that this helps.
  10. BenPye

    No Signal

    I have noticed that I occasionally get signal drop outs, which appear to be momentary bounces in signal strength (from couple of bars to “No Signal” and then back again within 30secs) bizarrely these are happening when the phone is connected to the internet and I am happily browsing using GPRS. Anyone else suffering from this problem, or ever encountered anything close? I am on T-mobile and live in Essex, Colchester. Which is normally has very good T-mobile signal strength.
  11. BenPye

    Paul's must have FREE Nike applications!

    I too suffered severe startup performance problems after installing SIPChange....worked fine on VARIO 2 should be taken off the list? Any other application thats free and does the same thing?
  12. BenPye

    Just cant SYNC

    This is something I actually tried last night for the first time…..then several hours later, and after continual Bluetooth software crashes, and many PC and device reboots later – still no joy! Then annoyingly read some line that I must initially establish the AS relationship over USB and I have annoyingly deleted the AS relationship, at one of the stages that I thought that, that might be the cause for the lack of communication between the devices! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! Thanks for the suggestion though!
  13. BenPye

    Just cant SYNC

    correct, charging is the only thing that I can get the machine to do.
  14. BenPye

    Just cant SYNC

    The Vario 2 used to Sync fine….but has recently just stopped, The new touch is still virginal, ie its still in the box, and I am currently still using the Vario 2 as it contains my life….(calendar/contacts/texts etc)…and has all upto date entries….Annoying I stupidly deleted the Sync relationship on my PC, attempting to resolve the AS problems, but don’t believe this should matter? As soon as I get a way to move the lot to the Touch Dual, I will happily port the data and leave the Vario 2 behind and then establish a new Sync relationship with AS. Do you now exactly what parts I need to restore from the latest Sprite Backup and I’ll it, can always reset and retry the Touch if it doesn’t look right! I only want contacts/calendar and texts I can happily leave the old emails behind. I have options for: Personal Databases Other Database MSN Contacts These look the most likely, I agree that I don’t want the System Settings and File System stuff, as you mentioned above, but what about the System Databases? Thanks for all your assistance again!
  15. BenPye

    Just cant SYNC

    They dont see each other..... I've had enough of pulling in and pulling out cables and rebooting the device.....with no joy!

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