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  1. I searched a looooong time to get the answer to this. Weird huh, but I guess welcome to CDMA. Send the SMS to 6245 (that's "mail" on telephones)! of course stick the email in the first line.
  2. is this issue solved? they have posted the smartphone drivers on their site but i have the problem of the install refusing to continue because it is unsigned with a digital cert....
  3. i'm switching from a VOQ/TMobile to Verizon with an ebay phone. screens look like wm2003 as 2002 has a very different appearance. my settings go "settings/phone settings/version" and software shows: PDA S:i600.04.V.XE18.13349 EBoot:04:11 i found the verizon update that somebody posted, the numbers don't match the guide. S:i600.03.V.XE18.13349 <===was there a typo in the PDF?
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