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  1. nope doesn't work. don't worry about it. I'll live with Ock's 23118. TQ anyway.
  2. hi people long time to see, I tried to installed the ROM but can't. I"m not sure what's wrong. anyway I'm on OCk's 23118 and Rom based rom is pda i900dxid1 phonei900dxif1 haven't been updating rom since last year, wonder what step did i miss. wish the is a good Andriod rom to flash. bye2!
  3. Someone told me to just undated directly from samsung site. On need to revert to anything if samsung can detect u hv a older rom.
  4. lohasc

    Do you use your tab as a tablet or phone ?

    I use it as a backup phone only, buy since I just bought it. I carry it around when every is practical. My day to day phone is iphone4. IF NO WIFI is available I use the ios4.3 personal hotspot to give it a data connection. So no sim for my SGT.
  5. Hey people i took a day to flash the r1 rom with some help. But how do i know i hv done it right? Apart all thing look was wipe out from my sgt and i am rooted i can see any diff.
  6. try this. kaidi_sunfon_chinese_font100912.cab
  7. opera mini 5.1 is out now we can save downloads to storage card
  8. Mahaidenis, the system didn't hang on any changes to m2dc, you don't hv to hard reset, touch_flo just dislodged itself. Just set touch_flo back from Settings/Home/Items
  9. gtx 23118 refreshed, works fine just some minor bugs. Those like Mahaidenis should show some respect and politeness.
  10. I flashed to 23129 Premium a week ago, great ROM, but after installing quiet a number of software, I found the wm6.5 is acting strange or change to more 6.1 like graphics. OCK is there a Cab for fine tuning the look of the wm6.5 os GUI to the one u had FINE TUNED? A Million Thanks for all ur hardwork. :huh:
  11. SCH-M490/SCH-M495? I don't read Korean but interested to Know what the Propietry Jack Donggle (Hanging/tie to the PDA) above do? A Micro SD Ext? Spare Juice/Batt? Jack converter to std mini USB? What?
  12. lohasc

    SPB mobile shell with

    i hv not been using Mobile Shell for a mth now. but if my memory serve me.... to get to Window Today screen u can either press the End Call buttom or swap down your finger from top of the screen to the middle or swap up from buttom to middle, try it. as for the non responsive Close left soft key, i believe u are using screen Lock i do remember having problem w/ autolock i do not hv a solution, but i hv stop using stock screen lock. Try S2U2 is my advice.
  13. Hi Paul, New2City and PaSSoa had solve the Chinese SIP problem. U and see it at the LITE ROM Forum. Thanks.
  14. New2City, PaSSoa, Thank you for your work on getting the Chinese Font to work. Just to Confirm. All I need to do now for Lite ROM is install CSC chinese font from HJ1 ROM, insert Sunfon.ac3 to \windows then run PaSSoa's Cab fix. And We will get the Samsung Chinese SIP to Work. Right? Anyhow, Thanks for your quick reply and WORK.

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