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  1. Just out of curiosity, does this kernel undervolt the CPU at all? I only ask as my Streak hates undervolting as far as I can tell. Any ROM which isn't based on basically a stock kernel (since most seem to undervolt, if I am correct) has loads of issues on my Streak. Would it be too much to ask for a more stock-like kernel so we can choose between them, (or is there a way I can shoehorn a stock kernel onto this ROM) perhaps? It seems to dramatically reduce the instances of random reboots, which, on most custom kernels, are basically guaranteed during times when the Streak is doing something CPU intensive (video/games/GPS) or the Streak is warm (sunny day).
  2. Just chipping in, chaps. Try a stock kernel. I had this issue, which developed after several months of using custom roms. Turns out my cpu could no longer handle the undervolting most custom kernels use, causing instability at high temperatures and/or high loads. Switched to a stock kernel and haven't had a single lockup, which is great cuz I can use my streak for gps/ bluetooth again!
  3. Perhaps. I just got an Acer Iconia myself (check out the HUGE and vibrant community around it here on Modaco :P) and it destroys the Vega in useability. Amazing things have been done on the Vega, it's impressive, but I'm putting it away until it's at the level I need. And as you can tell, I'm eagerly watching the Vega threads, still ;)
  4. Just restart/boot the tablet, and the moment you see the backlight come on (screeb lights up but stay blank), hold the power button until you see the VegaComb logo. Works every time! ;)
  5. I made a stand ;) Just heated a perspex sheet, put in a few bends, and voila. Five-minute construction. However (and this is interesting, may start a thread on this) the effect it has on the touchscreen is bizarre. It's fine on its ownm but plug in the power cordd while it's sat on the perspex stand and the toucchscreen goes crazy when you use it! My touchscreen usually behaves when plugged in, but I tested it with a multitouch test app and it was flickking and jjttering and registering cliicks all over theplace. The momment I lift it off the stand? Fine! Try and guess which parts of this post were written on the stand and whichh weren't :P Som I take it some materials can couple with the ccapacitance of the screen? Is thaat right?
  6. If a hack is achieved, how easy might it be to port? Is the LG a different tegra revision (we're harmony, right)?
  7. Thanks for the link! It seems to be the same deal as with Vegacomb, though; no analogue sticks. I've dug a little deeper and it seems that analogue support is nonexistant in general, as Android simply doesn't know what to do with them. So if I understand correctly, we're all stuck with only hardware buttons, no analogue control for now. ;) That's a shame. Hey, just a thought - we can use mice with the Vega - do any emulators support the mapping of mice to analogue controls? If so, could the xpad driver not be modified to function as a hardware keyboard (like now) and a mouse? There's a number of reasons I think this can't happen, but I thought I'd ask..!
  8. Ah yes, I forgot to mention i dumped setcpu too! Yes, I got rid of that a long time ago, and that seemed to end 216MHz outside of host mode. Premieral, if you ever happen to flick to host mode, keep an eye out for the lockup again! Would be interesting to know if it's consistent across our vegas ;)
  9. Just thought I'd chip in on the subject of 216MHz frequency locks. Most of us have probably noticed by now that the problem manifests when waking the tablet from sleep (or sometime in between sleeping and waking, anyway). However, I've noticed it only seems to lock at 216MHz consistently when booted in USB host mode. In fact, I can't recall it ever having locked at 216MHz in USB slave mode at all, not since VegaComb 1.5. Is there any reason why this might be happening?
  10. Has anyone had success setting up their xbox controller's analogue sticks on an emulator like N64oid? Are there any emulators that do work with analogue sticks on the Xbox pad right now? I can only seem to map the hardware buttons (or is this an issue with the xpad driver itself?) Just wondering.. ;) haven't seen much on here in the way of xbox controllers and how well they've worked with different software. It could be N64oid, even.
  11. I just added a 16gb card to my vega (class 10!) So it's a little empty right now, but the plan is mostly music, some photos, movies and downloaded documents. 4gb filled up surprisingly quickly!
  12. Just wondering if anyone else struggles with bluetooth as much as I do. The thing just doesn't seem to work properly on any ROM as long as Wifi is enabled. When Wifi is disabled performance improves, but it's still not ideal. Anything time-sensitive (ie streaming audio) is disjointed and buggy. I hear in the Vega the bluetooth and wifi services share the same little antenna. Is that true? Can we not split the two? They're the same antenna but they have separate connectors to it, right? If I got a miniPCIE bluetooth module and accompanying antenna, is there a way to get it working on the Vega? I miss being able to listen to music on my headphones (the Vega's inbuilt headphone amp, as we all know, leaves much to be desired).
  13. Is it? I'm not sure it is. I thought the silicon was the same (albeit a different board design). What's this stuff about searching the market? I can search the market just fine? Have I misunderstood the question?
  14. I don't think it's the button itself chaps, it's the way you press it. I have the same problem too, but I find pressing the button for an instant (really a very small difference) longer than I normally would (a 'press', not a 'click') makes all the difference and it registers pretty much every time.
  15. Can this be shoehorned onto a VegaComb install? I'm not sure if it's safe to try!
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