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  1. davidhoff

    Nokia games on spv c500

    Easy, you can`t (yet). The java midlets(at least the special designed nokia games, most of the homebrewn will work) aren`t working on a c500 (or any other windows ce device) because the java is on different level programmed. But you can try midlets made for a samsung d500, at least I got some to work(altough most of them won
  2. davidhoff

    ActiveSync 4.2 Beta Preview

    Aargh, still no posibility to sync the first time over wifi ;) )
  3. davidhoff

    Plus Partners: Welcome Vital Engineering!

    Too bad i don't have an OBD Interface UnitOBD Interface in my Lancia Ypsilon, otherwise i wouldn't do chiptuning but buy such a device! For the users with an OBD Interface Unit in their car; just be carefull playing with these sort of toys when you don't have the knowledge (you engine could blow up with wrong tweakings!)
  4. davidhoff

    using phone to play through car sterio?

    I just bought myself a new sony SONY CDX-GT300 with mp3 and line-in (input front&back!!) for my magician, I must say its quit a amazing hearing your voicemail or even a sexy TomTom voice through my carsystem :D To bad I read just now about the nice portable fm-transmiters (imagine, having your own portable pirateradio :evil: ) but I must admit that I really love the mp3/wma function on my radio. I only use my sdcard for the newest music I downloaded/ripped. The discsystem i use for playlists I create once a time; momently I have only 3 discs fully loaded with some of the nicest songs of my musicdatabase. In my first car I had ca. 80 - 100 discs; imagine the room I have now in my new car with only 3 discs (btw 1 disc is enough for 2 weeks driving (dailly 1 hour) in my opinion)! Btw. Is there any option to use navigation on my ppc and let the ppc automatically switch between music and voicenavigation ? When someone calls the music dimms also, so why not in tomtom? Maybe someone knows about a registryhack for this ;)
  5. davidhoff

    New Samsung i300x

    What about the processor? In a 2005 review i read about a pxa272 processor clocked on 416 mhz! Btw. nice that there will be a 10 pins to 3,5mm connection standard in the packet! Oké I know the 3,5mm connection should be a standard in a phone called "music phone" but nonetheless it should be a better quality as mine 2,5to3,5 connection!
  6. Device: Mda Compact & Orange C500 Storage: 1024mb mini sd card Headphones: Philips SBC HS520 with soldered cabel (from the original headphones) In car: Sonyplayer with front Line-in (to use my Mda with my almost 1000watt pioneer boomboxes :)) Software: Conduits Pocket Player Music: dope 192kbit underground Hip-Hop mp3`s
  7. davidhoff

    Does WM5 run on the MDA Compact

    I think the upcoming year will be a year in wich a lot developers (especially with EA in the bussines) will bring games out for the 2005 os only (look at the direct3d possiblities!). Hopefully the change from 2003se to 2005 will be not as fast as I think it will be so I can use my magician a little bit longer! But for on the moment Im still pretty happy without Wm2005 (especially with all the compabilty probs).
  8. davidhoff

    Does WM5 run on the MDA Compact

    I don`t believe wm5 will ever come out on the magician till somebody hack the Os from another device like the magician2. Still think this wont happen because all new wm5 devices have totally different sort of ram and most importand cpu`s, wich make the work a little bit more complicated. Maybe we`ve got luck and an onofficial internal (and of course illegal) rom will be posted on some p2p network (happend before with the smt5600/c500)
  9. davidhoff

    Replacement M500 Stylus

    Just remember if you use the stylus with pen to connect the top correctly back on the stylus if u used the pen otherwise it get stuck in the device. Happened to me the first time after I used the pen and it really costed me some effort to remove it without making some damage on the device.
  10. Im very curious about the real speed of this device, the new processor really sounds interesting. I heard that most software like game-emulators arent yet optimised for this kind cpu`s. Can somebody please post some benchmarks (like TCMP or Morphgear) with this new device (or a HTC Wizard)?
  11. davidhoff

    c500 video

    Just download pocketdivxencoder to encode the movies and TCMP (the core media player) for playing the movies on a smarphone on highest quality possible. Your phone can even play movies with a rate of 750kb/s (audio&videol)!! But 350kb is fine for movies :) Ps. in the future please use the search function.
  12. davidhoff

    Over de usb kabel...

    Zo een miniusb kabel kun je eigenlijk in elke pcwinkel kopen (ze zijn ook alle compitabel) Als je op alternate bijv. kijkt ( Alternate zie je dat ze al vanaf €6,90 te krijgen zijn!
  13. Very nice, thanks! For now i think most smartphone/pda users are visiting the tweakers.net site (Im also visiting this site bit not so often like this one :o). Hopefully in the future some more people from the BeNeLux will visit this excellent forum! Btw. What brings you guys to open a Dutch mirror? I think that for example there are more German with a portable windows gadget than Dutch ones.
  14. davidhoff

    16-32Gb SD cards nect year ! :)

    I thought the magician can only handle one chip memorycards and only has problems with sdcards with high speed mutiple chip memorycards such as 2gb sd 100x or faster. So hopefully this "NAND device" will work in my m500 and when it does hopefully faster :o Till then I will wait or look on ebay for some high priced 2gb 66x sdcard.
  15. davidhoff


    So far I know the only wm2005 beta is for the c500/smt5600. I heard there are "hacks"of this beta for mpx220 and sda. One of the issues of this last two phones were the joystick control wich are now solved.

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