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  1. Bongmaster

    Lobster Rom Backup (HTC Monet)

    sorry i been away kinda for a while XD i can remove progs thru activesync. if they have an upgrade rom that would be good :3
  2. Bongmaster

    Lobster has died

    woh scary stuff :S i'm still using my monet, and its been running well ever since i joined here :D and i hope it continues lasting til i get a replacement that is either free or bloody cheap XD and is better than the monet/lobster :3
  3. well downloaded, installed and in as the_bongmaster :3 tho its a bit quiet in there XD
  4. hi been away for a while. ;) any progress been made on this? i really hate that virgin splash screen more than ever now since they screwed me over. long story not going into it.. i would really be happy to see it gone :(
  5. Bongmaster

    How far can you upgrade an ipaq h3830?

    thats what i figure.. (wm5 is a bit much, i was thinking wm2003 at the very least) im not interested in bricking it at all :rolleyes: its got plenty of apps available for it as a ppc2003 device, and is running plenty of new stuff too :rolleyes: who knows i may try and get another bargain off of ebay wen i get the cash :P summin a bit more powerfull :D wen that day comes i may attempt a linux for this one B) would be fun :D
  6. I was wondering after i upgraded from ppc2002(CE3) to ppc2003(CE4) how far you can actually upgrade this device.. would be interesting to know :rolleyes:
  7. Bongmaster

    H3800 series rom upgrades

    well i found one eventually and its funning great :rolleyes: and i can now use my 1 gig micro sd card :P i couldnt on 2002 (128 is no way enough :D)
  8. Bongmaster

    disable bluetooth software on ipaq h3830

    it seems to be behaving now :rolleyes:
  9. sweet :rolleyes: any chance it working on my Monet?. having a backup would be usefull while i am hunting for a way to rid the device of any virgin content :P
  10. I have managed to update my ipaq h3830 to win ppc 2003 from 2002. but it keeps trying to initialize the bluetooth (whitch doesnt exist in this model). does anyone know how to totally dissable the bluetooth software in this rom ver? so it doesnt try to look for the device or activate it? thnx if u can ;)
  11. can anyone tell me where i can find the most up to-date rom upgrade i can put on an ipaq h3830? i been looking for 2 days now and havnt had any luck.. HP are no help and neither are compaq ;)
  12. that worked less than the other one ;) it just lost com
  13. i bet it works on my Monet :D
  14. alas it failed ;) i have attached a jpeg of the error screen if it helps.. is there anything i need to unlock in my phone in order to flash it?
  15. Bongmaster

    A2DP and the lobster

    put in the hack a while ago ;) seems to work.. dont know tho cos i dont have headphones :( i just wanted the capabiltety :D but its in the list now :)

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