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  1. hummmm, Well I have a nice shiny HD2 to replace my 3GS. here are the issues / comments that I have encountered over the last 3 weeks. 1. Using HTC Sense you cannot set activesync Data Sync schedule for Off peak' to manual You have every other option, ' As item arrives' up to ' Every 4 hours' the option for 'Manual' does not exist. you have to do this via WM original Activesync 2. Every time - without fail, if I change the DataSync schedule for ' Peak hours' to or from 'As item arrives' then on the next Sync Active Sync will error. The only resolution was to delete all exchange partnerships, reboot device and start over... 3. When editing contacts using HTC Sense GUI and assigning the contact to an outlook group, this does not persist. The only way for the group membership to persist is eiither a) edit the group membership directly in HTC Sense, or :( use the WM6.5 original contact GUI interface 4) Volume control when in a call does not always operate correctly, until the call has conected, and you have turned the voume up before setting a lower volume setting. Otherwise a lower volume cannot be set. 5) Great music player - though custom equalizer settings drop off all the time, or fail to get applied without opening up th emenu option again. 6) Poor battery life - unless you disable 3G, then I get nearly two days :D 7) Media Player on stutters badly when a SMS or email is received. 8) No integrated Search application that searched the device and NOT the net. A must given the size of the SD cards this phone will accept. I installed smartphonefind - old, limited functionality but works. 8) WiFI router, and wireless printing work fantastic!! 9) Windows Marketplace is a JOKE - TOOOO expensive, limited applications available, but functionally good. Handango is far better 10) Facebook app is very poor - it needs more functionality, and a better interface. The mobile web version is much quicker. SPBMobile Shell does not integrate at all with HTC messages ( threaded ) , you have to view in the old fashioned single message view. SPBMobile Shell 3d Accelerator does not work, so dont enable it. The GUI might look better but you will loose functionality SPBMobile Shell & 3rd party switching tools to swap between the Shell and 'Today' Screen donot operate correctly SPBMobile Shell (3.6) & HTC Sense will co-exist to some degree, though post install of SPB Shell you will have to add HTC Sense to the Today item list, and the hardware keeys will allways be mapped to HTC. I Swap between SPB Shell and HTC Sense using the 'SPB Home' shortcut and the Home hardware key. Not ideal but functional. humm, thats all I have time for now. Its is a fantastic device, and I cannot wait for the next incarnation of HTC's Sense ROM.
  2. Changing bands is easy enough 1. Press the Dial button 2. Press the 'MENU' soft key 3. Select 'Options' 4. scroll to the bottom 5. Select 'Band' 6. Under network type .... :D enjoy.
  3. Does anyone now the MMS t MObile settings for this fone, i have tried all the usual, but it keeps saying " a ms profile needs a valid IP address".... very odd, has anyone got this working in the UK on t mobile MMS? thanx
  4. i am a confused vodafone 750v owner...... yesterday it talked to me - NO REALLY!! A calander reminder popped up, and as i fumbled to turn off key lock and dismiss the reminder it read out the reminder to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i`m not making this up, and i have a witness. i have tried to reproduce this - but so far have had no luck. any ideas ? by the by, how come when i press any of the volume keys the battery status comes up. it is now impossible to change volume. i have a vodafone 750v with pocketbreeze, and spb pocket plus installed. Oh - for anyone interested - the signal strength is [email protected], My qtek 8500 is far superior.
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