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  1. I too bought a P8 Lite for my son to replace a bricked Nexus 5X. He's well impressed with it, he's only 15 but was desperate for a phone with NFC as he loves Android Pay, and the phone needed to be able to handle all the apps he uses, he's now getting a Huawei Band 2 Pro to go with it. When it comes time to replace my Samsung S7 Edge, I may well look to Huawei as their phones seem to be pretty nice pieces of kit. Vince
  2. Got the OTA, I've only had the charging issue once prior to the OTA, not had it since, can't say that its fixed or not as I'd say insufficient data to do that. The OTA deleted a couple of paid Apps :wacko: but just re-installed them and they work fine, no idea why this happened. Had a couple of issues, I tried to turn on Bluetooth and it sort of couldn't... rebooted the tablet and then I could turn it on. And similarly I got to work today and it just wasn't seeing any WiFi and it wouldn't let me store a new WiFi connection (I tried to just Add using the +) Again, rebooted and it saw my works WiFi and connected no bother. This device may have some flaws but on balance its a cracking bit of kit for the price, its SO much faster than my Galaxy Tab3 7.0 (which I got free with a phone, now I know why its free). Vince
  3. I'm not on MCR, running stock ICS Did you get an auto update to the Video player, not sure but I think it used to be Google Video, well now its 'Play Movies'. This occurred about the time the Android Market rebrand happened. If you did, then open it up, there's an icon in the top rhs for the market (play symbol on a shipping bag) I selected that and that initiated the market to upgrade to the latest version i.e. Play Shop Also why is it called Play Shop in the UK, Play Store does sound so much better. Vince
  4. Same here, I could never see the point of having it, another use for this button would be good. Vince
  5. Isn't the Samsung Galaxy S and at least one HTC model up to those specs? Vince
  6. Thats the one I'm talking about :) Vince
  7. Erm there's an update on HTC dated TODAY Vince
  8. I don't know about iPhone killer, with such a fast CPU and Android, if the interface is anything like HTC's sense then this will be an iPhone executioner. Vince
  9. Not 100% sure from your post, but the Hero doesn't support N, its b/g only, so you need to find the settings on your router. Vince
  10. There was dozens of MoDaCo members checking the Orange site about once every 2 seconds from midnight onwards - the thread was about 50 pages long (oh stop exagerating), and 7 (possibly more) people were on the point of suicide cos the update didn't appear till mid-late afternoon. At least with so many people desperate to get the update, if there are any problems, you will probably find out before you perform the update yourself. Well done to the mods & Mr Orange in keeping your cool and keeping us well informed (IMHO) of the improvements and when its likely to appear. Remember, its only a phone. Vince
  11. I had one of these, but I now have the full car kit - much neater. I have kept the old kit for when I drive any other car. 2 problems I had... 1) Its very easy to catch the volume control and turn the volume right down 2) The phone holder provided was useless, the ratchet for clamping the phone wore out in about 2 months. Main reason for changing was to make it much neater in the car - so now I'm looking at sat -nav etc which will re-introduce messy wires :roll: Vince
  12. I agree with you on this, after all a new opertating system requires a new license - therefore you need to pay for it. One thing I'm not sure about is if you could upgrade to 2003 unless its provided by Orange - i.e. do Orange need to add their stuff on top, or is that just a few XMLs? From what has been said so far, it looks like 1.6 will be a good update, well worth doing. Vince
  13. My battery started to not last long, it usually charges in the car kit during my 1hour + commute morning and night. So what I did was let it go completely flat and then charged it using the proper charger (I left the phone off since this was done overnight) and now its back to its usual self - i.e it will last through the weekend from Friday to Monday without going below 2 bars. Maybe the battery needs a full charge / discharge once in a while. Vince
  14. Gosh, you've tried em all and only 1% are any good, that must include the Trafficmaster gizmo I use cos it tells me about loads of delays before I get to them. Unfortunately for me I was delayed 45 minutes this morning, I had warnings 2 motorway junctions before delay began, but the alternative routes would not have save me time - I know cos I've already tried them. They probably work out there are delays because some pepole are stood in a traffic jam - otherwise there wouldn't be a delay - its not brain surgery. Vince
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