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  1. I'd Recommend the Plantronics Voyager 855 Great for both mono/stereo calls and music. If you shop around can get them for around £40.
  2. Are you using a custom message tone? If so what format is the file in, and what size is it? WM only plays .WAV files natively, any other file format requires it to load the Windows Media Player kernel in the background to play the file and this can take time depending on memory usage etc. It's an issue with all Windows Mobile devices, and mainly affects ringtones (can take several rings to start playing the ringtone). A workaround is to store/convert your favourite tones into .WAV format and put them in the Windows folder.
  3. Its an issue with WLMm, if you combine your contacts lists and then delete contacts from your phone book, they're deleted from messenger. To resolve the issue you'll need to un-sync your contacts in messenger settings.
  4. Hehe, saw the same story via Engadget Mobile earlier this week. Crazy! But its still short of this guy; http://www.engadget.com/2005/05/11/indian-...s-in-one-month/ :)
  5. It all depends on what apps you have running in the background on the HD, things like weather and stocks, will periodically update (this can be turned off in their settings). Some web pages automatically refresh. As do Windows Live services such as messenger. Best policy if you're worried about your data usage is to close any apps that use the data connection when not it in use, set things like weather and stocks to manual updates. And as a stop-gap, download and install Paul's NoData app. :) Hope this helps, Mike
  6. I've heard its an issue related to either; one of the HTC hotfixes, or the updated connections database. Can't remember which though.
  7. Unlimited Texts on T-Mobile Combi30+Web'n'Walk As mentioned earlier in the thread I got the HD on T-Mobile's Combi30+W'n'W through eXpansys. Which includes; 700 cross-network minutes, unlimited texts, and unlimited data (1gb fair usage). I saw "Unlimited Texts" I thought to myself that sounds good, but like most 'unlimited' products these days (data, broadband etc.) it's usually a finite number, much smaller and far from what the dictionary definition would suggest. So was awaiting my first bill to see that T-Mobile considered 'unlimited'. I was thinking it would be an allowance of a few thousand, 10,000 max, far more than I'm ever likely to use. I nearly faitned when I read the bill. 4,516,120! :) Four million, five hundred sixteen thousand, one hundred twenty! Not unlimited, but it might as well be! How the hell am I ever supposed to even approach sending that many texts!? In a 31 day month I'd need to send over 6,070 texts an hour! What did bring a huge smile to my face though was working out how much the allowance is worth. At 12p a text, it's a total of £541,934.40! Half a million pounds of allowance! for £35 a month! I don't know about other tariffs, but this is probaby one of the best value for money ones I've ever encountered! PS: I'm open to suggestions on how I can send 4,516,120 texts a month :D :)
  8. Nope, The Touch Pro, or rather the MDA Vario IV is now available via phone upgrade from T-Mobile. See this Engadget Mobile article for more info and a link to the User Manual. Though as I commented on the article, I think its too little too late. What took them so long?
  9. Updated original post now that the manuals and QSGs are on HTCs site. Would it be an idea to make this thread a sticky?
  10. Hi there, this is the Blackstone forum. Pop on over to the Omnia one, where someone may have already encountered this problem and found a solution.
  11. Hi Glen, couple of possible solutions for you; Have you tried downloading the hotfix directly through the HD? By going to HTCs website in Opera/PIE. What mac do you have? A possiblity might be to install Bootcamp/VirtuaPC and a version of Windows. Never tried running windows on a mac myself, but I hear it works 99% of the time (some saying it runs better than on a PC lol). Another plus point with this is you can run lots of other cool PC software :rolleyes: Hope these help, Mike
  12. Quick question. Is the re-compression on images you download or upload?
  13. I'm going down a similar route with me new Touch HD. Is there a minimum period you have to stay with a network after porting your number across, before requesting your PAC and porting out again? Already got my PAC from T-Mobile, and probably gonna be porting it to Orange PAYG, then back to T-Mo. Thanks in advance, Mike
  14. Hi Rand, glad to hear you're going for the HD, you won't be disappointed. Like BillyBear I also upgraded from the Vario II to the HD, so my comments may mirror his somewhat. Before my Vario II, I had an MDA Compact and the onscreen keyboards were so poor I resorted to handwriting recognition! This left me very weary of going back to a no keyboard device, so I made a point to get in some serious testing time on the HD before I made the plunge (the staff in my local Orange stores hide when they see me coming now :rolleyes: ) I was really surprised by the improvement in responsivenes and the lack of pressure needed, also the keyboards themselves are a vast improvement. As billybear says, the large screen makes getting the correct key quite easy, especially if you use the tips of your fingers. The lack of Dpad took some getting used to, but with such a large display and finger scrolling, its not really needed I find. I also love the fact its much thinner and lighter than my Vario too, the weight is spread out more and it easily fits in my jacket or trouser pockets. An extra hardware button or two would have been nice, but I'm guessing they wanted to keep em to a minimum as not to spoil the looks. I was actually due to upgrade in May, but put it off in anticipation of the X1. Having waited 'til its release and roadtesting it, I was disappointed. Though solid feeling, the units I tried weren't consistent, the display is too small for the 800x480 resolution (though I should say I'm partially sighted so may not be an issue for those with good vision), and the keyboard though metalic, doesn't have a lot of travel or any click to register a press. Another thing was the lack of a number row, one thing I discovered with the Vario was that whilst in a call, the number keys on the keyboard will only type numbers, so if I needed to enter text whilst on a call, I had to use an on screen keyboard.
  15. By default the screen only rotates in certain apps (Opera, Photos), this can be supplemented with gSen and/or Gyrator, which bring accelerometer based rotation to most apps. I have gSen installed on my HD and have just tried the rotation in PIE and it works fine, orientating into landscape whichever way i turn the HD. Not sure on that one tbh, a few people have commented on the inclusion of PIE alongside Opera, and other standard WinMo programs made redundant by HTC bundled ones. Suppose its choice. I have to ask though, why are you using PIE over Opera?
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