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  1. I got the new Tmobile Dash (HTC S620). I followed these steps but the registry appears to be read only. I can't change any of the values. Either the registry is locked by tmobile or this regedit program doesn't work on this model. One thought is that I can't unzip it on the phone... I don't see a way to do that. So instead, I unzipped on the PC and copied the exe. It seems to work, but some of these posts make a big deal about unzipping on the phone. Any other ideas on how to put my own root cert on this phone?
  2. I have the Tmobile Dash - I can't add my own certificate as described here, but I can't make any changes to the Registry either. Apparently Tmo has the registry locked down. Anybody run into this? Regedit doesn't work - and either does RAPI. Everytime I try to change a value in the registry, it is it can't do it. I even tried renaming and creating, but it seems like it is a read only register file. I can't get to my exchange server. No fun!
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