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  1. I can be remote controlled if anyone is interested. I have a i920 and would like to run android on it BUT i have no knowledge of the ins and outs of android. hopefully elbee will respond to my email for assistance but other than that im at a loss if you will just tell me what to do in a simplified manner i got you also would it help to just let you rdp into one of my pc's setup just for this?
  2. I pretty much only use my O2 whenever I have A: left my hype-pad at home or B: there is not an available wifi/ethernet connection The 7 inch M001 tablet i had at first was acquired by trading a guy a motorola q that i had paid 5$ for at a yard sale That was traded for a Droid 2 on craigslist That was sold on Ebay because I missed the tablet form factor At the end of the day the 5$ tablet ended up buying me one of these with some change leftover a flytouch 2 variant with a 10.2 inch screen called the hype pad for 216 from http://www.buyadroid.blogspot.com/ it arrived in like 8 days from hong kong if i remember correctly and on top of all of those connections it even has gps I've already rooted it, changed the launcher and removed/replaced all of the unneeded apps that came installed by default I chose buyadroid because the tablet they sell is plagued by none of the issues that the other variants are and the customer service is more than i could wish for My girl loves it so much that i chose to impulsively buy her a archos 101 for christmas and now i can finally have my tab to myself again :)
  3. flash a custom LITE ROM without the bloat google and see if anyone has ever posted the original rom for your carrier and hide it somewhere. If not and you ever have to turn it in......................................... you'll figure out what to do-------------if not pm me and ill help ya with that After flashing a lite rom, learn the art of minimizing (if you decide to flash a sense rom you might as well stop here) (j/k......... but seriously) perform your system and registry tweaks Only install apps to mystorage or your sd card unless they HAVE to be installed to the main memory Only install the things you need---- find apps that do the job with less ram usage (most of these can be customized too) try to keep apps that run 24/7 to a minimum, I prefer to have none Get that running stable and then install the things you want-----------making sure to keep the installation directory in check with a little practice you will be using your phone in no time instead of continuing to let your phone use you MAKE SURE YOU FLASH A ROM THAT IS MEANT TO WORK WITH YOUR CARRIER---in your case Orange
  4. big pagepool (not too big)+ wm 6.5=faster response from phone but less free ram for running apps
  5. +1 for slacker but instead of nanogroove i use groovemobile and as for a custom rom..........................ive had amdzero's lite rom on here for the longest with no issues
  6. think about it....................the best game on android is angry birds
  7. speaking of the hd2, lemme throw this at your head http://pocketnow.com/windows-phone/htc-hd2...t=Google+Reader also for all you androids out there have you discovered the beauty of apktor yet?
  8. hmmm, i actually use sktools as is and i have shadow services enabled with no issues
  9. OR you could use the opera mini with extras cab to disable opera minis rotation http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=734699
  10. uhh ohh picked up a ps2 for 10$ and it came with one controller this is what the lady is HOOKED on now
  11. resetting the s-o-c only affects the phones battery level reading. NOT THE BATTERY however continual resetting of the battery by completely draining it has been known to drastically decrease the life of the batteries resetting the S-O-C allows the phone to reset its reading of the battery charge level forcing it to rescan the battery level and show a closer to accurate reading
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