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  1. thanks for the reply. I have MM OS Edition version 5.0.0. I'll look into updating it. RSVRover
  2. Superb ROM, but I've come across one problem that may be applicable to other (or all) WM6.1 ROMs. Memory-map doesn't want to start any more. It locks everything up needing a soft reset to fix. This has been mentioned by someone else over at XDA-developers but without any follow-up. So I'll ask here as well. Has anyone else had the problem? Anyone else not had the problem? RSVRover
  3. This script already does that. Might be worth you waiting for Paul to incorporate this in his code. RSVRover
  4. So is it just a registry update Paul? If it is, care to elaborate? RSVRover
  5. No problem Create a script file with the following contents ( I use \My Documents\My Scripts\autocameraware.mscr):- RunCheck = 0 Application = "\Storage Card\Program Files\CamerAware 3\CamerAware3.exe" WindowName = "CamerAware" While (1) HandsFreeState = RegRead("HKLM", "System\State\Hardware", "Handsfree") If (HandsFreeState = 1 && RunCheck = 0) ToggleDisplay(1) SetVolume 255 Run (Application) RunCheck = 1 EndIf If (HandsFreeState = 0 && RunCheck = 1) If (wndExists (WindowName)) Close(WindowName) EndIf SetVolume 100 RunCheck = 0 EndIf Sleep (5000) EndWhile[/codebox] Then create a shortcut to that file in \Windows\Startup. Soft reset. RSVRover
  6. Yes .... I can do that manually, but I'm lazy ... I want it to do everything automatically when I get in my car! RSVRover
  7. I already have a mortscript that detects connection to my bluetooth car kit and then bumps up the volume to max before starting CamerAware. Navizon uses an awful lot of power when it's running, so I giess CA3 will use more as it's using WiFi as well. I can update my script to get it to also detect when the phone is externally powered, but I can't find out how to turn on WiFi directly. Does anyone know how to do that? Perhaps the fact that this is not incorporated into Navizon (or CA3 (yet)) means that it can't be done, but I thought I'd ask in case someone has stumbled upon a solution. RSVRover
  8. Wow - Expansys are really on the ball. Order placed @ 04/09/2007 11:56 London UK Time, status shows as shipped ! I really dudn't expect it to be that quick !
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