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  1. 257 sorry for the bump of this but how the heck did you get notifications to work??? partner has just got one and main issues is no notifications which defeats the object of the watch she has a samsung S2 on 4.1.2
  2. 15 tried several.... all pretty much the same... just simply can't cope with too much as a phone...I find it pathetic.... My aging desire S can do far more with far less....
  3. No need to reply. Getting rid of the damn thing as more trouble than it's worth...Shame as "seemed" on paper that is was a good phone. Thankfully didn't cost us much other than a lot of hair pulled out and headaches... Too many issues and seem to spend more time trying to sort them out than actually using the phone...Thank you to all for there help but good riddens to this phone. 14
  4. Hi all(again... Sooooorry :( ) Am having few issues that would like to solve... first one is as mentioned ealier. Phone will connect to Wifi most anywhere I go just not to router at home.. Second is am having a really bad issue with battery. I have three batteries and none last more than 6-7 hours even when am doing nothing with the phone, It often goes down slowly at first then a huge drop followed by a slow one. I have disabled data etc and dimmed screen (if fact basically all saving measures) but nothing solves this... As stated this happens even when no using the phone... also when charging a battery will go from say 50% to 70+ within a second or two of putting a charger in. And if was ar say 32% when I do a reboot it will often be alot higher when phones has finished booting. anyone have any ideas to solve this??? Also am having an odd issue where apps simple close!! NO notificatio n like an FC's just simply close.... Got to point that this is the phone from hell as a result. This happens even after a clean install too with only half a dozen apps . and finally any tips to squeeze a little more speed out of the g510 as a little sluggish sometimes... thank you.
  5. 55 did the static ip before posting and no joy.....
  6. 49 which kernels will work with this that support Bluetooth and or Overclocking? Just moved to it from 4.2.2 due to BT issues... Also anyone have issues with wifi? mine connects to most routers but our home one it just keeps reautheticating and trying to get IP.... ps is there a prop build file for this as my g510 thinks its a y300? 258
  7. two NEW issues am having with this rom are terrible battery drain and now texts either not arriving or when they do in a popup(handcent popup) when I try to view them in the app they are gone!!!! Battery drain is terrible and this is with three batteries not just one. when charging they go from say 27% to 65% in seconds and batteries last around 6 hrs without really using the phone!!!! Texts are the big issue here some arrive and appear in a popup(handcent) but are not there when viewing them in the app. I use a message forwarder to my work phone for some numbers(eg partners) and they indeed arrive as they are forwarded to me and even some times appear in a popup on g510 but not in the app!!!! Theses two issues are now making this phone unusable and unreliable...anyone have a fix? 240
  8. Hi Folks Really loving this rom but having an issue with the bluetooth.... Yes I know someone mentioned that theres an issue with stereo head sets but am trying to use the phone with my U10 smartwatch and bluetooth selfie remote. Both devices work great with other phones but doen't seem to like the g510... The U10 will connect and work for a few minutes then disconnects where as the selfie remote connects but nothing happens when you press the buttons.... Anyone have any ideas how to solve these issues as don't wish to down grade if I can avoid it... Also does anyone have a prop build file for the g510 as mine thinks its a y300? thank you
  9. bt issue is more to do with connecting to smartwatches and selfie remotes,,,, which android version is aosp on and link if pos :) thank you found it 207
  10. 30 Hi Folks Hope everyones well... Just got hold of a G510 and unlocked the bootloader, rooted and then flashed Fonz93's JB 4.2.2, But seem to be having issues with both bluetooth and wifi.. Bluetooth will connect to a device then after a minute or too it disconnects(mainly my smartwatch) and will see and connect to a sellfie remote but nothing happens when clicking the button.. Both devices mentioned work perfectly with my HTC One V and Desire S and also my partners S2 I9100 so it's an issue with the G510... As too Wifi well this will not connect to home router as always says obtaining IP or authenticating!!! Connects fine to Desire S when used as a hotspot just not home router! Also the cell signal is not as good as it may be could be Any Ideas would be great. 78
  11. Just to confirm for others looking to find ouot G510 HAS a compass etc :) 19
  12. started using this as don't like the apps not being able to write to sd on kitkat ... is the a prop build file for the g510??? 37
  13. any idea why bluetooth doesn't work on cm10.1 with this kernel? on a g510 205
  14. 35 Is that both or just the y300... as there are so many damn reviews out there that say there is one on the g510!!!!
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