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    Music on HTC touch questions

    I use senn's and they sound absolutely perfect to me on the Touch.
  2. Redhood

    Music on HTC touch questions

    Really good sound quality, just a shame this phone eats the battery, even with the sreen turned off I can only get 6hours+ playback.
  3. I have been using the Windows Live Messenger program for the HTC touch, but recently it cant sync my contact list, it was fine..I can use the internet still on my phone, has anyone had this problem?
  4. Redhood


    Hi, I've been looking for software to make the onscreen keyboard on the Touch...bigger, so it is easier to type using my finger rather than a stylus. Does anyone know of any software for this? Thanks!
  5. I have a HTC WM5 phone and I cant access my windows folder when i sync to my PC, also I have new skins folder in the location you said, i also tried making the folder and putting it there but no luck. Looks nice though.
  6. Redhood

    GPRS with HTC S310 and O2

    Still cant send MMS use net. can only view o2.com. I must be doing something wrong? Proxy connects from secure wap - connects to internet?
  7. Hi, I just got my new HTC S310 phone recently and have gone pay as you go with O2 for cheap texts and might upgrade to a contract with O2 on this phone. However I cant get my phone to connect with O2 GPRS internet correctly, I have been emailed the details from them.. Name - O2 WAP GPRS APN - payandgo.o2.co.uk Default URL - http://payandgo.O2.co.uk Port - 9201 Security - Off IP address - Linger time - 120 seconds I have entered these, when I test it in the IE on my phone it connects/locates but when opening it reports a connection lost. I did manage to access a website briefly at one point but now its not. On another note, I can connect to O2 via their WAP dial up, but its not the same as GPRS internet... Does anyone know any problems with O2 that can help me rectify this? Many thanks, Dan
  8. Dunno man, I bought the handset here http://www.powerupmobile.com/product-1-60.htm used to use orange but they are too expensive and bad network coverage! Its a lot better to have a mobile without any added on network crap! O2 all the way, pay as you go GSM, 300 free texts and 1MB free internet a month! Besides, cant you sync files you need to your PC rather than use Orange Backup.
  9. How can I install this game on Vista that doesnt seem to sync to phones now, Ive looked everywhere (Mobile center is gone), this is why im testing Vista and looking like worse support for phones now... anyone know about this? I can locate into my phone via my computer, just not sync like I could on XP with active sync. Only media player can sync for music
  10. Great phone, came today. I had the SPV c500 before from orange and this one knocks its socks off. The screen seemed smaller than my older phone but the quality of the screen is much neater! Happy customer :) I use my phone as my mp3 player and this phone to me sounds better than an ipod (not hard to beat).
  11. I just ordered http://www.powerupmobile.com/product-1-60.htm and should have it tomorrow :rolleyes: I will post here what I think of it!

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