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  1. Count me in, I've got that problem too. In fact, it seems like I'm sharing pretty much everyone's problems with the Treo. I don't know whether other WM devices are as dodgy, though suspect they might be. If the Treo didn't offer close to exactly the functionality that I currently think I want, I wouldn't put up with its shortcomings. Does anyone do any testing on these machines because they're foisted upon the unsuspecting public? Sorry for the rant. :)
  2. There's a thread in the Palm Treo 750v forum I had started on this issue, titled "Cannot access storage card". I've got the same problem. In that thread, someone reported that in another WM device a "card not found" issue was fixed by a ROM upgrade, and someone else reported that Vodafone allegedly agreed that this was a device fault with some Treos and offered an exchange. I've just got Vodafone to ship me a new device (though they claimed that this was NOT a known issue) so we'll see if that fixes it. Failing that, I'll try formatting the card.
  3. We'll see. I just phone Vodafone - on the back of this post - and the chap I spoke with said that they have no record of this problem in their "known issues" list for the Treo. He was kind enough to agree to an exchange anyway so I'll be able to report back in a few days if this issue has gone away. FWIW, Palm have just today responded to my query from few days ago and advised the following: [quoute] This may occur only with cards that are not Palm branded. If possible please try to use a Palm card to test it.
  4. The Treo appeared about equal at acquiring a signal last weekend compared to the SonyEricsson K750. This was in an area of extremely bad reception. So that's the good news. During regular use in London the Treo has had both good times and bad times. For the majority of calls that I make or receive I get good sound quality and the line stays up, even for half an hour or more. But for a significant proportion of calls, even in the same location, calls drop, the phone cannot connect when trying to place an outgoing call, or the line is so full of artifacts that I am - gasp - resorting to the land line. That's the bad news. As a combined device (phone + PDA) I'm very happy with it, but it if was just a phone I think I'd get a refund.
  5. I was trying to check the connection speed of my 750v via http://www.dslreports.com/mspeed. The page displays the following error message: "if this page remains, then your browser does not fully support javascript, and we cannot test your speed accurately" It seems to me that some other folks have used that site successfully - what am I doing wrong? Any setting I need to change? Registry hack?
  6. I don't think it's a problem with the card itself. Whenever the problem occurs, as soon as I take the card out of the Treo and then put it back in, it's working again as if nothing had happened. No problem with corrupt data or anything like that. It's just that every once in a while (about 3 or 4 times a day, I guess) the Treo just stops "seeing" the card.
  7. I bought a miniSD card (SanDisk Ultra II, 2GB) for my Treo 750v last week, and it's been giving me some trouble. I inserted the card and installed some programs on it. All was well. I could open files on the card and could run the programs from the card also. Some short while later, I tried to run one of the programs again, but nothing happened when I clicked on the program icon. Turns out that the device could no longer access the card. In the memory manager, it said:"Totaltorage card memory: Not installed". The temporary solution is to either remove and reinsert the card or to perform a soft reset, but the problem keeps re-occuring. This happens a few times every day. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a compatibility issue between the card and the device? Is it a general Windows Mobile issue? Does anyone know how to fix this?
  8. When I upgraded to a Palm Treo 750 I was given a month's free trial subscription to Sky Mobile TV. I didn't know how to access it and neither did Vodafone, until - after many calls - someone advised me that my handset wasn't Vodafone Live capable. According to this customer service rep, this affects all Windows Mobile devices. (The quick test would be, I guess, whether you can access live.vodafone.com)
  9. Are you referring to the "Extras Pack" where you get 51.2 MB for £34.04? That price is scandalous. I've got a 3G data card, also from Vodafone, and that costs me £45 for 1 GB of data. Why can't they have a priceplan for 3G phones that's a bit more appropriate??
  10. I've got a Vodafone 3G data card that I've been using with my laptop for a while. About 2 weeks ago I installed ActiveSync 4.2 for my new Palm Treo 750v. Now, when I try to connect to the internet using the Vodafone Mobile Connect software that drives the 3G card, I get an error "Error 720: No PPP Control Protocols Configured". Apparently, this indicates some weird problem with dial-up networking. After much googling, I have tried to reset TCP/IP as well as Winsock, as well as re-installing Mobile Connect. No joy. The only way I have found to date to use the 3G card is to rollback using System Restore to the point before I installed ActiveSync. So that's what I'm currently doing: Install ActiveSync if I want to sync my Treo, then rollback to access the internet. Install ActiveSync again to sync... you get the idea. Not satisfying. Two people here in the office successfully use both ActiveSync for the smartphones as well as Mobile Connect, so this sounds like something that should be fixable. Well, it may even be that it's not ActiveSync but something else Treo-related that causes this. Does anyone have any ideas on this before I revert to an old Ghost image and claw my way back from there?
  11. I've had (and am still having) some fun and games. It says somewhere, either in the manual or on Palm's web site, that new users must install stuff from the CD first before connecting their Palm. Failing to do this before connecting the sync cable would cause the wrong drivers to be installed. I therefore assume that the initial installation does more than just install a vanilla ActiveSync, and this is likely your problem. I've had the same issue when I tried to unistall / reinstall ActiveSync and didn't follow those instructions. I couldn't figure out a reasonable way to fix this so resorted to a rollback using System Restore. That may well not be an option in your situation, though. Anybody have any ideas?
  12. Didn't know that. This my first Windows Mobile device. In any case, if anyone cares for a well written if a little lengthy description of Smartphone and PocketPC power states, they can look at Mike Calligaro's MSDN blog entry.
  13. I've had my new Treo for about two weeks now. I got bored having to carry both my PDA (and old Palm Tungsten) and a mobile around, or only having my mobile with me without my calendar / to do lists etc, so I'm very happy with it. It's not too big and comfortable to hold. Coming from Palm OS I'm a bit disappointed at the speed - I've seen a number of reviews refer to the device as "snappy" but that's not been my experience. Sometimes opening / closing apps and menus is quick (quick enough - it's never lightning fast) but sometimes it just plain slow. This morning I opened the messaging app and it took 10 seconds to respond. My other concern is phone performance. When I've got full signal strength everything is fine. Volume is good (even the lowest volume in fact is a bit loud sometimes) and sound quality is good if a bit bassy. In some locations, however, where my mobile (SonyEricsson K750) would show 4/5 or even 5/5 bars, I only get 2/4 bars on the Treo. Also had problems with a few dropped calls - more than I was used to with my SE. All of that within London Zone 1 and 2! I know this is not a hardware fault with the device as I had it replaced and the new one is the same as the old one. Overall, I'm very happy with it as a combined phone and PDA but I'll leave my old mobile in the car for backup. I am going to be in areas of very low reception this and next weekend where my SE phone just about managed to hold on to a signal (and sometimes no signal at all), so that'll be a good test...
  14. The plug on my sync cable is very stiff as well. The socket on the phone looks pretty sturdy to me so any damage that might occur would be to the sync cable. Still, I think it's probably a lot less fragile than it looks. To remove it just pull it out, maybe twisting it a little to the side to unhook on side before the other. The button on the cable doesn't do anything. I believe this is the same cable as used by the Palm OS based devices (700p, 680, or the Palm Tungsten PDAs). On the PalmOS devices, the button activates HotSync to synchronise data. Microsoft's ActiveSync runs automatically.
  15. You "press and hold" the red power button, and this turns the phone off. Press and hold again to turn the phone back on. You press the red power button (without holding it down) to put the device into sleep mode. What you see is that the screen goes off. This does not turn off the phone. The device is never "totally off" as then it wouldn't be able to activate alarms you've set on appointments or do any number of other things that it may do automatically. Unless you take out the battery, that is. This isn't specific to Windows Mobile devices - Palm OS devices work in a similar fashion.
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