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  1. after puzzling around and grabbing bits 'n pieces here an there. I would like to share my gained knowledge. In many cases (from what I noticed on the forum) people have difficulties adding T9 Language packs to their phone. What do you need? and what extra steps you need to do? -get the right language pack for your phone. possible sources can be found on the internet and here on modaco. -copy the languagepack to your phone. preferably /windows directory but it can be any other location. so far the easy part First we have to tell the phone which languages are available - Jump into your registry with regedit (or similar) - Get your Local Id here (displayed in LCIDhex column) http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/referen...xp/xp-lcid.mspx - Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\T9 input Method\MUI\Languages select values and then available. This value determines which languages can be chosen from in your t9 menu. - In value data you can add you local ID (separated by comma) - Press done Now we link the t9 DLL file with the righ registrykey - Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\T9 input Method\LDBs press values. Here you see the current local ID's installed. - add a new string value. Value name should be your local ID no. - Value Data should contain the right path and filename of your T9 dll file. save all and restart your phone. It should work now. this has been tested on a Star100 with a cooked 6.1 Rom. I'd be glad to hear if it works on other phones or that it needs some mods for different phones. However I think in general it will be quite the same.
  2. de vetnek

    Blank/Black Screen on my Vox...HELP!

    I have more or less the same prob. backlight switches off but a faint glow remains. I d guess it has something to do with Tornado Powercontrol settings. if you have this program installed try fiddling around a little and see what happens
  3. de vetnek

    TomTom on the SPV E650..

    I'm using Sygic (McGuider) 7.50 and it works like a treat! also symbian maps are interchangeable with sp/ppc maps.
  4. de vetnek

    Overclock Vox the easier way using Vox-OC

    I noticed that when you are setting the speeds when idle too low the phone will hang when you try to wake it up. (below 168Mhz) als in combination with autokeylock from Maniac it can cause you trouble when the keylock time is set to 30sec or less. What happens is that after you entered your pin it takes more then 30seconds for the tornado to set itself and in that time autokeylock locks your phone and you won't be able to get it out of the keylock anymore. My solution was to rename the location of tornado and then reboot my phone. After clean reboot I set back the location name of tornado and adjusted my autokeylock to 50 secs again. I hope this helps for anyone as I might not be the only dumbass that likes to squeeze the max out of it's phone.
  5. de vetnek

    How To: Upgrade Asian Graphite to WM6

    interesting to know whether it will also work on other phones. I'm offering my StrTrk for experiment. :) I already tried with the settings you instructed but didn't worked out. got the error "phone is not XDA"
  6. de vetnek

    Phone doesn't end calls manually

    Problem Solved. Removed the latest edition of Alarmphone plugin and everything worked fine!
  7. Hi guys (and gals) Since this weekend I've noticed that my phone refuses to terminate a call (incoming / outgoing ) when pressing the end key (hangup button) It's quite annoying when I'm entering a voicemail and want to hang up after leaving my message. anyone an idea?
  8. It works almost fine. except it keeps on telling me. "can't find PAinit" causing the clock not to display. so I'm missing the upper part of the theme :) anybody??
  9. de vetnek

    Problems with WiFi

    have you guys installed SKTools lite?
  10. Do you have SKTools lite installed? I had the got the same problem tha day after installing SKTools Lite. I just deleted it.. lets see what my phone (S710) is doing now.
  11. It works like a treat! thnx!
  12. That's worth the try (I added some layers of tape on the SD -card) I'll keep you posted!
  13. This is already the second time my F600 fails to recognize my MicroSD card. After reset it's ok for a while but all of a sudden (without touching the phone) it's disconnected from the card. Last time I got the phone swapped at the orange shop but this is the second time. same problem.. ;) Anyone any ideas??
  14. I want to application unlock my Dutch F600 by using regedit. but acc. to my phone the program is not digitally signed (it's a HTC program). I tried to srart the program both from my Memorycard and Phonememory. How come? and is there anybody with a solution? F600 WM 5.0 software 5.1.195 (build 14955.2.3.0)
  15. If you can;t find someone who is willingly to act as guinea pig for your homescreen on WM2003. just drop a message.

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