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  1. That's really odd, at first I think that it must be an incompatibility with your WVGA screen. But that doesn't explain the lack of options in the menu. Have you been able to load a game at all? Do you have the TGETFILE add on that's on that thread - for loading roms? Right now - I just ran Finalburn, opened Final Fight, then clicked on the screen, "options" & "Display...". Landscape right is checked, though I could switch to landscape left. I've also got "smooth stretch" and "keep backlight on" toggled. Portrait mode is greyed out, because that game won't fit otherwise - Finalburn looks for the best fit. I can't explain the Touch Pro 2's incompatibility.
  2. I'm running it on an HTC Touch Pro - so it greatly surprises me that you're having problems with a Touch Pro 2. I also kind of chuckled when you said it would run faster on Smart Gear - because Finalburn already runs just about full speed on my Touch Pro. I actually use an overclocking app if I need more speed on a couple Neo Geo titles - like Shock Troopers 2. But normally - I just run stock. It ran even better on my old HTC 6700. The key issue is a universal issue with the Touch Pro and Touch Pro 2 - regardless of program you're running on. On the Touch Pro forums, 2 solutions have been found ages ago - hence no one discusses them anymore. One is to install a program called KforTouchPro that runs in the background and allows you to map keys for ANY software. The other option (which I prefer to use) is a program called "duttythroy Disable xt9" - which eliminates the HTC touch keyboard (other keyboard versions are available) - and then allows you to map keys. Again, the keyboard is not a problem with Finalburn - it's how HTC implemented xt9. Also - on my Touch Pro, Finalburn runs fullscreen. I open the keyboard, rotate the screen to portrait mode - and then run Finalburn. It runs great, I use the keyboard for controls, with autofire. It also has touchscreen controls - though I've only ever used them for testing.
  3. I'd be less interested in CPS1 emulation - largely because Finalburn (from Masterall on this forum), handles CPS1, CPS2 and Neo Geo emulation perfectly. It's the best overall emulator I've ever tried. For that reason, I'd like to see you work on stuff that others haven't worked on - or doesn't currently work well for Windows Mobile. Like MAME, GBA, Amiga or SNES - though I understand the difficulty in working those projects.
  4. Hello Larry, I just got a chance to check the improved performance with my Touch Pro - and it's definitely obvious. Both Altered Beast on Sega Genesis and Bonk's Adventure for Turbographx are now very playable. It's obvious that frameskipping is taking place - but not to the extent that you miss any action or miss-time button presses like before. Hopefully there's still room for improvement - since there's quite a difference between the unthrottled framerates and otherwise. That said - your changes are definitely moving in the right direction. Thanks!
  5. WOW, I can't wait to try this. I hope this eliminates the dropped frames/jittery playback on my touch pro. Thanks for working on this Larry!
  6. 1. Yes - it's very nice. 2. Sort of - I have a Touch Pro - 640x480, and I have borders both top and bottom. I would have expected borders on one side but not both. Still, most of the screen is used. 3. I haven't no, I haven't bought the zeemote yet. One thingI noted is that with TG16 gameplay is still a little choppy with my Touch Pro. Bonks Adventure is a little jittery, sometimes slowing down and speeding up so controls based on timing are often missed. Splatterhouse is almost perfect, however. Do you see the same "choppy" gameplay on your Touch Pro 2? It has the same processor. If not, what are your settings?
  7. I'm definitely interested Larry! Please keep us updated. There would definitely be value added with my touch pro using TV Out. That said, I'm looking forward to your proposed speed upgrades for VGA and WVGA devices - right now Turbographics and Genesis games are slightly jittery. I'm hoping your speed improvements will fix that.
  8. OK - so let me get this straight, to allow the zeemote to work for other software, we'd need to run Smartgear - set it to driver mode, then leave it running in the background? Won't that be resource intensive for a phone - limiting what you could run the Zeemote with?
  9. Very interesting Larry. I bought the BGP100 a couple of years ago, but almost never use it. Lag annoyed the heck out of me. Do you think it would be possible to use the Zeemote on other Windows Mobile apps - or just Smartgear? I'm tempted to pick one up, because I have a $50 gift card to best buy . . . but it wouldn't be worth it if only Smartgear were supported. Ideally, it would be sweet if it could be used as a bluetooth mouse - to manipulate touchscreen buttons. I have a bluetooth mouse that already works with Windows Mobile. I also eventually expect to go to an Android phone - and haven't seen any reports of the Zeemote software being ported.
  10. If you could open up general access to other emulators - like Finalburn - besides your smartgear, that would be fantastic. Perhaps like the Chainpus gamepad - a piece of software running in the background to make the zeemote imitate a direction pad, and/or a keyboard. Of course, I can see other users wanting software written for Android - I eventually plan to get an Android phone as well.
  11. PolloLoco

    FinalBurn for WinCE 0.014

    Man, you last two posters are lazy bums. All you have to do is peruse this thread. I'm sure you'll cry that it's 48 pages - but each page need only be skimmed. If you've never read a book or manual with more than 48 pages, then I pity you. Hint: There's one other file you need to see roms, and it's linked multiple times.
  12. Yep, girly is correct. If that's your primary problem - I'm surprised you guys had to go to a forum to figure that out. I've got a different phone, but I've been rotating key settings for any program that's rotated off of portrait.
  13. Normally no - I attribute it to using "GDI". It's happening to me to - though my average speed was 49.74%. Direct Draw is a faster method of playing video. I suspect these results show that the Touch Pro 2 does not have better video drivers - and should not be any better at video games. In terms of game speed, both these phones were a step back from the 6700. FYI - Coreplayer has a faster video play system, called qplayer or something like that - I forget. It works perfect on our Touch Pro - for very large high quality videos. They backwards engineered the video driver for our phone. The only thing it can't do is video out while using that format - but that's supposed to be fixed when coreplayer releases software 2.0.
  14. It couldn't be easier. In TCPMP, you open a video file. Then click file, benchmark. When the video's done playing, it'll give you a ton of data. Probably the most important is average speed, since it'll be trying to play the video as fast as possible. If you pick a video that's downloadable - I can do an apple to apple comparison with my Touch Pro. That'll confirm or deny that there's different video drivers. But I'm 99% certain that we're seeing the same performance - and there's been no video driver updates.
  15. The way I understand it - if you throttle it to 60fps, then the program drops frames as needed in order to get you there. The end result is somewhat jittery gameplay. Have you noticed that at all? That bugged me a bit with Altered Beast - so I've gone back to PicoDrive for genesis. I'm curious about Touch Pro2 performance versus the original - I'm wondering if they gave you better drivers, though I doubt it because it would have been announced by now. Can you pick a generic video file off the net (that anyone can access) - download it and benchmark with TCPMP? I'd then do the same with my phone.

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