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  1. Ok, well the alarm clock is a funny thing. Yes, I've had the same thing but in different ways. I've had the alarm clock "ghost" on me. For example. The previous night the alarm was for 2am for getting up for work. Except I was having a later start the next day and didn't have to get up until 4am. So the alarm sounds at 2am AND 4am :D :D :) What you need to do is look in the notifications queue and delete some of the alarm clock entries. One of the tank managers will let you access this. If you can't find the right one I guess I'll have to dig some out and have a looksee :D :D but gimme a week at least. I'm having a chocolate and coffee moment today and really should do this work paperwork if I want to get paid... You know how it is. :D :D B)
  2. Hi Folks My father is soon to be branching out into ebooks more than paperbacks now and his current PDA is just below the spec for doing the job. What I'm after is suggestions on a PDA, it doesn't have to be new, but WM2002 onwards I would think, and needs to have a decent sized screen. I have heard mention of a 4" screen but my searches are going slow. Doesn't need such things as phone, bluetooth, wifi, etc but would get sync'd to PC of XP calibre :) Whatever I find I'll try and make a list here as I'm sure there are others with similar needs rather than 'small is beautiful' in the PDA world... TIA Elwyn
  3. :) :P Navigon Navigator 5 ;) :D I know it's 2005 but it works for me and I can't yet afford a new copy. If they updated the maps and not the software I think I'd manage but the last time I checked V6 doesn't work too well with my phone B) B) But I like it :D
  4. I take it this is limited to United States only :)
  5. Likewise, I have used TomTom (and it's grandfather on the Psion!) and prefer my own SatNav software. This is down to personal preference in a way as everyone has their own choices, as I'm sure you know :) :P TT is a bit restrictive for me. Although you can use full postcodes this rarely works for me as my employer rarely gets the right postcode for the job anyway. Also I drive something a bit larger and slower than a car, so it is an added benefit that I can instruct the SatNav software that I'm driving a "lorry" and not to take me down some narrow small road just to take "5 minutes" off a journey! However, if you come back down to it, it's not always the best plan to just blindly follow the sat nav! You'll probably think of me as prehistoric but I always carry a map with me anyway and often like to know where I am rather than just follow the satnav... Before you say "TT for everyone, everything else is rubbish", try it and see with an open mind ;) :D
  6. There is quite a raft of GPS software out there as well, I'm not sure what you've tried but I've had a go with a few that give you GPS information rather than Sat Nav :) With my work I get to travel a lot, but I already have quite a good directional sense and use maps a lot more than the SatNav (Navigon Navigator 5). I tend to use SN merely for navigating at the other end (the complicated bit) or driving through new cities and the like. Oh. And London B) Anyway, so, yeah. GPS Software. GPS Tuner (Megalith Software) This shows a whole raft of information that it can collect from the GPS. Satellite information, direction, Altitude. Deal with waypoints, tracks, routes and you can load you're own maps as well. (Commercial Software). GPS Viewer (Free/Limited Access) I think this is some basic diagnostic software for the Holux GPS receiver. I 'found' it online somewhere after I bought a Holux receiver of ebay that turned out to be a Holox! Oops. Anyway, it gives you're basic GPS info. This has the added ability that you can "scan" for a GPS port, or select one manually. Under GPS Status it lists the actual satellite information, date, time, lat, long and DOP. Lower down it has you're direction, speed, altitude and PDop. Basic diagnostic info is good enough for it, but although it's installed it doesn't use much memory and isn't used much for other. GPS Dash (Commercial) This is an amazing bit of software and I totally love it! Had a few issues with crashing a while back, usually after it's been on for a 12 hour day of driving and stuff, but I think that was user error :/ When you start it looks like a bunch of car speedo's. You've got an amazing chose of what you want in those little dials. 5 small dials and one large one, it has a day and night scheme and comes preinstalled with "profiles". You can also manage routes, waypoints, charts, maps as well as see the raw GPS data. Tap on a "dial" and you can see that one in full screen. Each of the dials can show the following: Speed, Accelleration, Milage, Altitude, Ascent Rate, Altitude Gain, DPos (Current, Max, Min, Average) Navigation (Heading, Distance, ETA), Time (Local, UTC), Reception (SigQual, SatID). Maspware GPSMeterPE (Commercial). This is a new bit of software I've not tried out yet but looks promising :P Looks like it has full screen capabilities too... Memory Map (Commercial) You might have heard of this already. It gives you an OS map to follow on the screen. If you want to know where you are with OS type acuracy then this is the software for you ;) But it is pricey. I think mapping for the entire country is about £900 !!!!! I've got West Midlands and Wales :D As for other "Commerical" software I've also got PocketIRC which seems a lot easier to use than WMIRC. Alas can only use one server at a time but for the time being this is ok for me :D This is now where you tell me I've posted in the wrong place B)
  7. You are a gem! Just started using my (Hermes) SPVM3100 on my Lappy only to find window detecting a "New Device" every time I plug it in but ActiveSync ignoring me :) :P Still. Sorted. Access Granted and all that ;)
  8. From what I've worked out it needs to be a .wav (wave) file and in your \windows\ directory on your device :) Alas MP3s don't work. Unless you have some program that can handle them... Cheers :D
  9. Yes, I've found this to be true too. You don't often have to wait for the end of the message to delete it but you do need to delete it. Although this post was made about a fortnight ago now....
  10. Could it be that that is the symbol when it has no network?
  11. A while ago one of the tower operators in the UK allowed access to their database of towers in the UK. I don't know how complete it was but my Psion 5mx took about 6 hours of crunching to import it properly :P It was pretty searchable.... I just can't remember their name right now.... :) :D Sorry. When it comes to me, does anyone want a copy?? :D
  12. I had a chance to try the one onboard today, as in, making a "note" after a call. It tells me the time/date and whom I called however it does not show the time taken on the call ? Anyone?? Cheers Elwyn :rolleyes: :(
  13. Good Evening ;) I'm new here, but I thought I'd ask anyway. I would have asked earlier but I was sidetracked in actually reading the forum :) ;) Anyway, so, er, what I'm after is this bit of software for my phone (Orange SPV M3100) that I can use to keep track of what calls I make. I can see there an actual log there as well, but I'd like to keep a bit better log of the calls I make... :rolleyes: :( And I figure that you know what I mean and can point me in the right direction... :D :) TIA BTW :P
  14. This is a good thing, considering it's relatively "cheap" to buy the software :( What's it like then? This Chronos software?? :rolleyes:
  15. I've not come across this but think it's a good thing to have. :rolleyes: :( Unfortunately you need a sympathetic programmer to create such a thing for you I think. I'd like that as well but I haven't found that :) :D :P :) Could you PM me if you find it?? :) ;) ;) Thanks
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