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  1. I was definately on a 3g network, and it showed a UMTS connection when browsing the web, I even tried setting it to a WCDMA network only. Yeh, tried restarting it. In the end I carried out a full hard reset, and it was sorted, works again now. But if it happens again, I have no more idea how to solve it except a reset, which is a bit annoying really. Very odd it lost it in the first place though.
  2. I have the dopod 595, it has previously worked fine, i was able to video call correctly, but I tried video calling today, and it started a normal phone call. I haven't tried to fix it yet, but have no idea what could have caused it, or what I should do to correct it. The options for video calling will not even open at this point. nothing happens when i try!
  3. Hearnia_2K

    TomTom Mobile 5

    Hi there, Tomtom 6 seems to work alright...but its not ideal. It doesnt have explicit support for the handset, I'm using the Dopod 595 variant. Performance seemed okay so far, however I found the menu's don't work perfectly as its desgned for a touch screen. You can mostly get by without one, but I found no way to remove a letter if you mis-type anything when putting in details like an address. The menu just about works, but you need to press right on joystick twice to get any menu item highlighted, then left and right change the current highlighted icon. I am yet to try Tomtom 5. Does Tomtom 5 also assume you have a touchscreen? Can you erase characters during text input on TT 5? Hope this helps guys!
  4. Hi people, I'm wonderring if anybody knows where I might be able to get hold of spare parts for the Breeze handset? I actually have the Dopod 595, but as most of you know its the same as the HTC MTeoR. Basically I have damaged the metal parts for mine, and want to know ehere I might get hold of replacements? I have googled about, but without much success. I suspect a dummy phone would have what I'm currently after, as its the housing and keypad really, also I particularly liked the Orange C700, and so if I anybody knows how I could go about getting a dummy one of these then any info or tips would be greatly appreciated. I emailed a couple of suppliers, who claim to do parts for the other HTC handsets, but many of these suppliers do not yet list the MTeoR, it seems to be relatively uncommon. Anyway, thanks for reading, and hopefully some of you turn up some info, feel free to PM or reply, which is ever is easier. Christopher.

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