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  1. I am going to get a 16GB class 6 asap, just trying to find one at the right price. Luckily the Kingston 8GB I am currently using is only a couple of weeks old and under warranty so will get it replaced and either keep as a spare or give it to the kids? Strange thing is, only Paragon gave the IO errors, using Vista it formatted fine with no issues. When I ran gparted it said the FAT32 partition started at 4,102MB and ended at 4969 so I removed it and started the new fat32 partition at 5MB and ended at 7457 I think leaving 512MB for the EXT2 partition. It does seem to work great now which is a bonus while I source a larger card. Cheers.
  2. Thanks for the help guys. I tried Paragon but it kept giving an IO error. I later found out that the first 4MB of the card had become corrupt? Anyways I manage to get round this using the guide justbabu put the link to. I had found the guide earlier but didn't like the idea of it as I didnt understand the adb stuff. Anyways a couple of hours swatting up and i am all sorted :) I had to map out the first 5MB but everything is working fine now, and apps are definitely going on the SD card. I have found that partitioning using the adb shell the Fat32 partition is down to 3MB/s when coyping files to it but I spose the fact it now works makes up for the loss of speed. Cheers again :)
  3. Hi guys, Had my Hero for a bit now and got MCR2.0 running on it, its a white sim free one. I want to partition my 8GB microSD card to allow apps2sd to work but I can not get my head around this EXT3 partition. I tried using partition manager, set it up with 7GB Fat32 and a 512mb EXT Linux partition but it failed to create it, I just kept getting a disk IO error. I then formatted using a card reader and the built in Vista formatter which worked but made the card really slow, it went from 9+ MB/s to less than 1MB/s :) I downloaded a program called SD formatter which worked and I could copy to the card really quickly but the Hero wouldn't recognise the SD card. I then did a full erase using SD formatter and it is working in the Hero but only writes at about 7MB/s which I can live with but disappointing considering it was quicker. Anybody got a very simple (laymans) guide on the easiest method to create my EXT3 partition for apps2SD please. I am a total Androind newbie having only ever owned Windows Mobile phones before. Thanks in advance. One last thing, why if I choose to format the microSD card using the phone nothing seems to happen, it just flashes on screen that I will lose all my data?
  4. Right guys, long time member always had smartphones, now own a white unbranded Hero from Expansys. I am using an Orange contract sim. Can somebody please point me in the right direction to go with flashing, backing up etc? This is my first phone I have ever bought sim free so not sure which way to go or what is the best rom etc. I have been on holiday for the last week and had no signal :) I had my new Hero and couldn't get on the Market or surf the net even though I have a BB package as part of my contract :) LOL I appreciate this info will have already been covered but I can't find much on where to start with a sim free phone? Do i root it? Should it be rooted? which rom? which radio etc. Thankyou very much in advance for your help.
  5. shadieb


    Hi Squirreleater, We all have to start somewhere mate. I flashed mine for the first time last week with Dutty's 2.3 B) I have now just installed Dutty's 2.5 Extreme on my Touch HD. After you have installed hardspl, you can then run the rom file and it will start the install. Most of it is automated, just follow the onscreen instructions. When the install has finished the phone will restart and go straight to the screen calibration where you click the centre and 4 corners of the screen. It is best at this point to perform a hard reset, this is recommended for whenever you flash a new rom. To do the hard reset switch the phone off and then hold both the volume up and down buttons together and briefly press the power on button. If done correctly it will bring up a screen up telling you to press volume up to reset the phone. Once you have done the hard reset and rebooted the phone, you do the screen calibration etc. then when the Today screen appears if you wait a few seconds you should be presented with a choice of operators, just choose Orange and the phone will set itself up with all the necessary MMS WAP settings etc. I only got two operator choices when installing the Dutty rom, one was Orange and I can't remember the name of the other? Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks for the pointers guys. Phoned Orange today and told them the truth as someone suggested on here, I got the usual crap about dead pixels being part of the maufacture process etc. Told them I would return it under the 7 day cooling off policy and get one from T-Mobile instead. They came back immediately with they will have a brand new replacement delivered tomorrow for me :D Good result and thanks again for the pointers.
  7. My upgrade with Orange was due this week so I opted to keep my existing contract which is only £20 a month for a 12 month contract (low usage) and pay £99 for the Tytn II. Phone arrived yesterday afternoon and everything seemed fine. Anyhow, just got it set up the way I wanted with the HTC Home plugin etc. and installed ScummVM only to discover a dead pixel about 1/3rd up the screen and smack in the middle. Problem is I only went for the phone as I do a lot of travelling and fancied playing the old Lucas Arts games on the move and watching movies etc. so I know the dead pixel is going to drive me crazy. According to the upgrade department when I ordered the phone I have a 7 day cooling off period to return the phone which is great, but I still really want a Tytn. I don't know where I would stand if I were to send the phone back and ask them for another one at the same time? I would imagine the folks on the phone thinking it a bit strange? Anybody got any advise on what to do? Theres no way I could I learn to live with it on such a small screen it is pretty noticeable and once I see it my eyes automatically get drawn to it :D Thanks in advance.
  8. shadieb

    Installation woes

    Well seems I am wrong about the unlock method. I hard reset mine a few days ago and it has been fine until today when I tried to install Dougie Rampkins Trial challenge and its gone back to its old ways of not completing the installer :rolleyes: Have to keep pulling the battery out and rebooting now :P Gotta be a problem with the rom.
  9. shadieb

    Installation woes

    This happenened to me, it occurs if you have used the orange france app unlocker. Try hard resetting the phone using the "hold both soft buttons down and then power up the phone whilst keeping both buttons pressed. When prompted press the green call button" When it has fully reset use PaulMVP's app unlocker and you should then be able to go through the complete install process when installing apps and games etc.. Works for me. Unfortunately I don't think the unlocker posted by PaulMVP works fully on the E650 as I am unable to edit the registry like I could using the orange france unlocker. Other then that all seems okay :rolleyes:
  10. shadieb

    Overall opinions

    Right I used the trial of spritebackup to backup my contacts and then hard reset the phone using the hold the 2 soft buttons and power up method. I then used Pauls unlocker and then ran the sprite backup. The phone seems okay now with the installer completing the way it should but I am now unable to use a registry editor to alter any settings in the registry. Everytime I try and save any changes in the registry they just revert back to the original settings. I could alter stuff using the orange france unlock method but then the installer wouldn't work properly :P Being able to edit in the registry isn't a big problem but I need to be able to change the MTU and MaxOutTransfer for the USB to work correctly on my PC. Anybody got any suggestions? Cheers.
  11. shadieb

    Overall opinions

    Excellent thankyou. I thought it was my 1gb microSD card at fault so bought a new 2gb and had the same problem. I think the best course of action would be a factory reset and then try Pauls unlocking tool and see if that cures it. Fingers crossed and thanks again for the info :rolleyes:
  12. shadieb

    Overall opinions

    Hello Paul, just checked your join date (presume also the Modaco startup date) and my join date and I can't believe it was over 4 years ago I got my first SPV. I've had many different phones since and I always end up back with a Smartphone :P I remember searching the net looking for SPV information and stumbling upon Modaco for the first time :D Glad you are still going strong and looking after this place. We need somewhere to turn to with each new incarnation of the SPV :rolleyes:
  13. shadieb

    Overall opinions

    I got my E650 from Orange yesterday and it looks and feels great, if ever so slightly chunky due to the slide. I had a P990i for about 3 days as I couldn't get on with the sheer bulk of it. The E650 is nowhere near the size of the P990i and to me it feels very similar to my original SPV and the E200. Only problem I have found so far with the 650 is trying to get it app unlocked and some of my old game favourites installed. Everytime I try and run the unlock from the Orange france site the phone says it is installed successfully and it has been disabled, but when I press okay to return to the homescreen the coloured timer pops up and the phone won't go any further :D This also happened trying to install SPV pacman and summat else I can't remember but it was late last night :rolleyes: Still looking forward to getting home and having another play with the E650. Shame Oblivion came out for the PS3 today and the missus has picked me it up, so not sure which will win :P Anyhow, if its the size that is worrying you then it aint nothing like the P990i. Even my missus has said she wouldn't mind me getting her a 650 to replace her Qtek 8500 (Str Trk) which is a nice slim phone and you kow what women are like.
  14. Expansys is getting silly now. I get told the 14th for definite. You get told end of the month?? If you live in or near London (which I don't) there is an EBayer with one at
  15. I emailed Expansys re the price change and the date change asking them to amend my order. All I got back was an email saying they will definitely have stock on the 14th? No mention of amending my order price to

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