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  1. Indeed, I saw that afterwards so apologies for the duplicate question as such. Did you pressure them at all to keep all of your discounts on the account, or were they pretty staunch in their position?
  2. Urgh, a viscous rumour. Is it sticky to the touch? B) (had to have a sly dig that you for that, sorry :() Paul still shows up on the MVP directory (https://mvp.support.microsoft.com/profile=EB86C193-2F6A-4930-BF28-588D2F6C2DF0) so I wouldn't regard that rumour as accurate unless it comes from someone at Microsot.
  3. So, has anybody who's on the previous Flext tariffs (when they removed voicemail from inclusive allowances) asked to see if they will move them to the latest Flext tariff without losing any discounts accrued on the account? I may have to ring up and ask in the next few days out of my own curiosity, but as I have a fair amount of discount on my account I don't really want to lose that all for the sake of inclusive 08 calls! (I use VoIP for those anyway...)
  4. My current Three deal has come to the end of the contract period, and as I was a reliable customer they offered me a fair discount upon renewal. However, I'm not interested in taking this offer - I was just haggling for the sake of it to see what they'd offer me - but they have confirmed that if I wish to transfer the deal to anybody else I might know, they can do this and they will receive the same deal I was offered, including the existing discounts. So, before I ring them up and cancel the contract, I thought I'd offer it out to some other people and see if anybody was after a low cost tariff with a free handset. Here's the two deals Three have offered me... Package 1: 250 any network minutes 50 texts free handset £11.74 a month (was £12 before the VAT reduction) Package 2: 100 'units' - can be used on call minutes or texts 300 minutes just for calls to other 3 customers £8.80ish (was £9 before the VAT reduction) The range of handsets to choose from are basic, but that's because when I was haggling with them I made it clear that I'd rather have a better allowance than a shiny phone like the N95. The current handset I have from my last contract is a Sony Ericsson K800i - I'm happy to throw that in as well for free if you're interested, plus you could choose from one of the handsets they're offering. That way you could sell one of them or have a backup handset too. Anyway, the handsets they have to choose from are: Samsung S7330 Samsung L770 LG KF310 Nokia 3120 classic Not outstandingly expensive, but who cares. The deal itself I think is really quite good value, particulary for the monthly price. f you're wondering, this is how the account transfer would be arranged: Step 1: you give me confirmation that you're interested in taking the offer (and tell me which one!) Step 2: I ring Three and confirm the change of tariff. Step 3: I ask Three for a "change of ownership reference", which I pass on to you Step 4: You ring up Three with the reference and sort out your account details Step 5: ... Step 6: sorted! The only requirements are that you're 18+ and a UK resident with a credit or debit card to sort out the Direct Debit with Three. If anybody's interested, send me an email or a private message through this site - this offer will be available until the end of April at the latest, if nobody's taken it at that point I'll just be ringing Three and telling them I'm not interested. Christopher
  5. 6.1 does have a few advantages over 6.0 - nothing hugely major from what I can tell, just small, nice things... finger-drag scrolling in PIE, threaded SMSes, other minor OS improvements and under-the-hood refinements, etc. I ran 6.1 on my phone for a week or so, but reverted to the official TMUK 6.0 ROM when it became available (mainly because it's got all the TM settings preset for me!) It'd be nice to be able to just upgrade without setting everything up again from scratch, but I'm fairly happy with 6.0. If you have a blank canvas to work with, you might as well just install 6.1!
  6. That's interesting, because I did ring up in the end and spoke to someone - and I was told that this wasn't available to me, and I would be billed pro-rata as it was only for customers who had Web 'n Walk Plus on a datacard (more like a 'perk' as they have no inclusive minutes or anything like that). Are you on a datacard / usb dongle plan or is WnW part of your phone service? (I'd normally just tether my phone, and while HSDPA is usually fast enough, wifi would be nice so I don't have to tether the phone all the time if I need the web on the go).
  7. For the record, when I was back on O2 (wayyyyyyyy back, at least 2 years), JUST when they brought out the HomeHub, my mate had an 0560 number - it's a BT-only number range for their own VoIP service (exclusive to BT customers). Both personal and business users can get an 05 VoIP number. When I rang him on my ooooold O2 phone, it was counted just like an 01/02 call. I'm fairly sure I've called an 05 number since then on T-Mobile, and it's come out of inclusive allowance. I'd just ring it, see if it's counted as inclusive or out of allowance - and if it's counted as out of allowance, ring them up and HOLLER because it's a call to a geographic number just like an 01 or 02 number. With regards to VoIP gateway numbers that look like regular geographic 01/02 telephone numbers: the SIP brokers usually buy and sell blocks of numbers in particular ranges with STDs for each exchange (hence why you can often pick your number of choice from a list when you sign up for a new account). Indeed, at my old workplace we have two 0121 numbers, an 01902 and an 0121 207 number and they're all included in all our inclusive call allowances. I myself have an 0121 VoIP number and it's included in all inclusive minutes both if I test call it or if someone like my parents ring it (because it's included in their BT package). If you're charged for them at any point by T-Mobile - or any other mobile network in fact - kick up a proper stink about it, because short of a network compiling an exhaustive list of EVERY single block of numbers purchased by EVERY single SIP broker in the UK, they have nearly no way of knowing whether a number is to a PSTN or to a SIP gateway. As the carriage and termination fees for them are probably identical given either case, I'm fairly sure they don't care. And also, before the introduction of the 03 number range, Ofcom mandated that all calls to 03 numbers (0300/0333/0330 etc) should be classed, and therefore charged, just like regular 01/02 numbers - the idea being they come out of any call packages or inclusive allowances the caller may have. I applaud organisations like the BBC for phasing 03 numbers in (they've started to do it for many of the programmes with a phone-in element on their speech radio stations, both national broadcasting and local radio) and I've seen other companies slowly taking them up too. I just wish Ofcom could force people to have to take them up instead of hang onto their 084x and 087x numbers!
  8. I think the argument you need to have with them is more that they've made changes to your service that are detrimental to your circumstances, go gem up on unenforceable contract terms act (i think that's what it's called), sales of goods and services act, distance selling act. If you can refine and hone your argument to a point mentioning all the appropriate legal clauses, I think they'd probably back down then. Be prepared to take out a county court case against them - the cost to you is capped at £34 (it's assessed depending on the value of your claim) and you can seek termination of contract that way (plus companies HATE having County Court Judgements on their credit files, it causes them no end of problems so they usually settle out of court at the last minute).
  9. I'm a (technically) new customer on Flext 30 with WnW+ on my account. I'm on the new billing system, I moved across in July when I renewed my contract (lost my HSDPA, wrangled with T-Mob for a while, eventually sorted out WnW+ upgrade). Now, I thought earlier, "I think I get hotspot access included with my WnW+ subscription, let's go check" and sure enough, the site vaguely mentions how all new Web & Walk Plus, Max and Plus Daily* customers get it... But then the little asterisked sentence underneath this paragraph reads "* WiFi HotSpot access only included on the pay monthly version of web'n'walk Plus Daily" (this is all on http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/services/mobile-.../hotspot/costs/ by the way.) So, in the meantime i texted open to 9526 and I immediately received my login information. I'm not in an area with a hotspot I can use at the moment, but what I want to know is - if I log in to a hotspot with my details, will I be charged, or will the usage be billed to my account but then automatically credited back when my bill is due (effectively making it free), or am I misunderstanding the (quite vague) Hotspots minisite and no, I won't actually get inclusive hotspot usage? It's a question I'll probably pose to TM CS sometime next week, but I was just wondering if anybody on here knew the answer straight off. Cheers in advance!
  10. I mentioned capped EU data during a conversation I was having with T-Mobile recently and apparently it is coming (most likely due to an EU mandate) but there's no certainty as to when. Probably in early 2009. However, I think the guy confirmed that data would be £3.50 per megabyte (out of allowance) in Germany when I go over there in October - I'll still disable my data connection, but I balked slightly at the fact that when you're theoretically roaming in T-Mobile's home network, you still get charged roaming fees! Orange sorted this out years ago, if you roam to another Orange network it's counted as your home network. Why can't the other networks at least sort this out amongst their various branches across the EU :D
  11. Good to know you're on our side :( To their credit, when I rang M:Metrics in the UK, I've had a decent response from them in an acceptable amount of time (although that was for my DPA request). When I enquired about the international SMS charges via email to their US supprot, they said I should send along a copy of my bill indicating the charges - but as it was for a quid, I never bothered. I wonder if others have tried the gently gently approach instead of just emailing with a big complaint right off the bat?
  12. Paul, I think you'd do well to voice our concerns about the way their software silently initially phones home - it's not mentioned anywhere and while I was lucky (only about a quid of charges) some people have been properly stung. A lot of people will be finding this service via Google as well, so could you update the first post in this thread to reflect your stance? Christopher
  13. My thoughts on the cameras are similar to yours - I was somewhat curious when my housemate (who knows a LOT of "useless" facts about almost everything!) told me that SonyEricsson were often only LICENCING the right to use the Carl Zeiss name on their own devices... So in fact, it's possibly a Sony CCD and Sony optics. Scary, huh? You can never be 100% sure exactly what you're paying for these days.
  14. You probably have HSDPA on WnW Basic because - like me - you signed up more than a year ago, and you rang up and asked for HSDPA to be enabled on your account. However, if you ring up and renew your tariff - even if you keep the exact same tariff - you will lose the HSDPA as you'll be moved onto their new billing system, which won't allow HSDPA to be provisioned even if you get through to a sympathetic member of the (real) technical support. You HAVE to be on WnW Plus or Max for HSDPA now. Fortunately I was smiled upon by the gods and given an upgrade :D but it was a real kick in the teeth when I renewed. If you want to keep HSDPA the easiest (hassle-free) way, DON'T ring them up for a renewal deal or to arrange a better contract when your existing contract ends - just keep on paying on a rolling month-by-month basis, and you will stay on the old billing system. That is, unless you want protracted discussions with T-Mobile and a lengthy email to Customer Relations explaining your displeasure at the change of situation. :(
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