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  1. my aged k-jam imate is getting very (cant touch) hot on the bottom of the screen around the jog buttons, and the contrast on the screen is going "negative" im thinking the power supply to the screen (invertor?) is fubar, anyone know , or had this happen? other than thisits excellent, i have had it years, never let me down, ect ect...... help??
  2. hi everyone( does anyone still have the aged vario 1? i cannot get my mda vario1 to work as a modem for my laptop , keep getting messages saying modem not permitted( or words to that effect) is it tmobile thats blocked it? help please, i need to get emails onto my laptop when out and about - sometimes the vario just isnt enough!!!
  3. mocki

    Some Questions..

    some of us still come here, some of us stayed with the wizzard, some of us like it! like the man above said, there is stuff here, pity the search system is not good at finding it!
  4. ok, .... firstly how old is your vario 1 from t-mob? ( i have only had mine a few weeks and am concerned it is too new a version.)
  5. OK, i run tomtom on my vario1, but tomtom completely takes over the screen, is there a tweek or file that keeps the start button at the top even when tomtom is running? its bugging me! I programmed the start button to the mail key so i can get to it when tt is running, but i would rather have the top of the screen back! as always, thanks in advance
  6. many many thanks, all sorted now, over half my memory was being wasted by the cashed crap..... kewl!!! excellent work that man!
  7. HELP! my 4 week old vario is constantly low on mem, all i am running apart from default is tom tom6 on 1gb card, ( using less than 1/2 the card,) but phone/pc mem is low all the time, any hints? Program mem seems to have spare, but main mem is low.
  8. OK, i have read with interest the unlocking thread, both here and on Pof's site, but was under the impression it was for the vario2 not vario? T-mobile are unlikely to sim unlock me as i have only just got it in a free upgrade 2 weeks since.......or are they? the only reason i want it unlocked is because one particular place i work, everynow and again has no t-mob signal , and the only network that works there is o2, for which i ahve a sim..... so, is there a cab file for unlocking the vario-wizzard- whatever it called?
  9. looks like i'm going to have to pay the £1.49 on ebay for the unlocking softwear then, bugger! I'm a little scared, coz i read somewhere it disables the 3g ness........
  10. HI newbie alert!!! I have just got a t-mobile vario1 ( yes i know , but it was a free upgrade from my 3 year old motor rola550) question is, can i unlock it to any network? I have read all the vario2 unlocking thread, and can make my mind up as to wether it will work on this vario 1 ( wizard?????) very confused here, help please........
  11. Thank you muchleee, entered your suggestion, and all good now! Excellent!
  12. Hi newbie alert.....!!! I can recieve email from my old freeserve account, but cannot send using t-mobile 3g, is there a way round this, or am i being a numpty? I know on land connections you can only send with a connection from your subscribed isp, but is it the same with 3g? steve
  13. Hi, i have been lurking a while....... I have a prolem when sending a txt, i go to contacts, click on the contact i need, then on send txt and it just locks up, no action, its as if the touch screen isnt responding. Anyone come accross this before? What can i do, tryed a soft restart, no change. Steve

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