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  1. Hi, Can anyone recommend a plug in for the today screen that can show latest prices for specified stocks and shares? I have looked at "Journal Bar" which would be perfect, except that it doesn't fully support UK shares, which I need. Such a simple application is required, but I can't find anything that does the trick! Tim
  2. Ok I took the plunge... and it worked! T-Mobile MDA Compact III UK (not unlocked or anything) Windows XP I followed the instructions above, in addition to the following info I found: - when you copy the os.nb file to the ARTE folder, you need to rename it to tom.nba - if you encounter some problem while flashing, try change the value from 03900000 to 03500000 in the UpgradeRom_Artemis.bat file, and then try flashing again So far it all seems to be working well. Except I forgot to write down the T-mobile GPRS and SMS settings! T
  3. KidKoala - Couple a q's for you, if you don't mind: (i) Once you completed this, do you still have the following programs installed (or are they specific to the T-Mobile ROM): Quick GPS, FM Radio, Internet Sharing ? (ii) Do you use TomTom? If so, is it working ok in WM6? (ii) Does the "WWE" mean that you can now use a foreign SIM card in your T-Mobile? Cheers, Tim
  4. ... it turns out my problem was not just with alarms, I was actually not getting notifications for my calendar appointments either. Worse still, after a bit more research it looks like this has been a common problem, across numerous device from WM 2002 to WM5. After lots of research and pi$$ing around, I finally found a working solution to the problem on the following forum. I followed Kaplana's advice, using his "Quick Fix" suggestion, in conjunction with trial version of MemMaid http://discuss.pocketnow.com/showthread.php?t=19884 Hope this helps someone Tim
  5. I have a UK T-Mobile MDA Compact III, running WM5. I've got a problem, that went an alarm goes off, it no longer displays a message on the screen, so I can't cancel it. It used to be that I could disable the alarm by pressing one of the soft keys (the left one). Now, the alarm just rings and rings, and there is no way to turn it off, except by soft-reset. V. annoying! Note this is a problem with clock aalarms - not calendar appointments. I don't know if its related, but I have recently installed SBP Phone Suite. Cheers, Tim
  6. Hey guys & gals, I recently bought an MDA Compact III on T-Mobile in the UK. I moved from Orange, due to T-Mobile's unlimited internet access for £7.50 a month. I noticed in the Programs menu of the phone, an option called "Internet Sharing". I turned this, attached my handset to my laptop (via USB) and lo and behold I have pretty quick internet access on the laptop. So what's the problem? Well nothing, except I'm not sure I'm supposed to being doing this. The fair-usage policy below suggests that my package (Flext + web n walk) does not allow your mobile to be used in this way. I am going to get a nasty bill? How can T-mobile tell the difference between data used from the handset and used as a modem. http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/personal/pages.d...eeplink=fairuse Cheers, T
  7. Dear all, I have aweful sound quality on the my Orange SPV M600; the same problem as I had the old SPV E200. The sound is fuzzy and distorted - especially if the speaker is on loud. Others on this forum have complained of the same. Please complete the poll so we can see if there are just a few faulty batches, or if its to do with the ROM, or whether the handset is just flawed. This poll is about sound quality during calls, using the inbuilt speaker and not via a headset. Thanks! Tim
  8. Brilliant! That just what I need... many thanks Paul.
  9. My SPV M600 sit on my desk all day, connected to the Internet via my PC. I use the excellent "True Connect" program, which means when I move the mouse off the left of my monitor, it becomes the mouse pointer on my PPC. So I essentially have an extra screen to work with. What I would like is to have the PPC screen for keeping me up to date with news, etc on a live basis. I can view a web page but it doesn't automatically update. - Is there a PPC web browser that can be set to auto-refresh? - Or any application that delivers live content to the screen? Thanks. T
  10. Well I can assure you that your English is FAR better than my Portugese! The reason I laughed is that I think you intended to write "feminine" which means "female quality", instead of "feminist" which means "man hater" !!! Cheers, Tim
  11. Hi there, I have the same problem. This was also a problem on the old SPV E200 phone. I seem to remember that the E200 fault was eventually fixed by a ROM upgrade. You will notice that if you listen through a headset, the sound is fine. Tim PS. Your message really made me laugh - I wonder why your phone only has problems with "feminist" voices :)
  12. From original poster: Just to confirm the points above, a work-around for this problem is to disable SSL in ActiveSync (Tools -> Configure Server Source). Cheers, Tim
  13. I have an Orange M600 and have set up a mail2weblive account. Following the excellent guide (http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=240460), I have set up the M600 to accept push email from mail2web. Finally, I have my work and personal email forwarded to mail2web, which is then pushed to the device. And it worked... for a about two weeks... Now whenever I try to send/recieve mail from the mobile, I get the message "Error Synchronizing". If I have the phone connected to my PC, the sync works fine. I have tried setting the M600 to connect to "The Internet" instead of "Orange WAP or GPRS", but nothing seems to work. Has anyone experienced this, or have an idea what could be wrong? Thanks, Tim
  14. I was so excited to get the M600 after reading may reviews online and looking at the comments in this forum. I am very surprised and disappointed that some serious shortcomings with the phone did not get reported in the reviews. Battery Life :P : I get less than a day. I use the Wifi sparingly, but use the bluetooth for syncing at work. The reported "3-5 days standby" may be true, but only if you do not actually use the device for anything. What use it that? I would have liked someone to have reported that under normal use, the phone must be charged every single day and if using bluetooth constantly on, during the day too. Sound ;) : Same problem as the old SPV E200 - sounds like the speaker is broken or turned up to high. This is supposed to be a phone, not just a PDA. It seems to fail at this key requirement - if I have to speak to someone abroad, I can't understand what they're saying with this phone. Making calls ;) : If you have a large number of contacts, it is hugely impractical to dial without taking the stylus out. Ergo no single handed use. Push email ;) : If you are connected via wi-fi the phone still turns on the GPRS to keep a check on push email. It even mentions this in the manual. This means you will have to pay. Whilst on this matter, I am finding that simply maintaing a connection to push email, is using over 1/2 MB a day. I am not looking forward to my next Orange bill. The PDA bits work well on this phone, but has everyone forgotten this is first and foremost a phone? There.. feel much better now ;) Interested in your thoughts...
  15. I have the problem with the speaker. This reminds me of the fault in the E200. I am gutted as I think this is a design fault and will not be fixed by a replacement. Can anyone say that they DON'T have a problem with fuzzy distorted sound from the internal speaker?
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