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  1. lillracksingen

    #askmodaco - the HTC One X+

    That may be so but it is not the MTP/UMS 'protocols' that put a limit on storage size or file size. It is the choice of file system within the phone. exFAT or ext4 allows files larger than 4GB.
  2. lillracksingen

    #askmodaco - the HTC One X+

    Does the 64GB capacity support files larger than 4GB? I didn't choose the One X because of this limitation. I want to be able to copy HD movies to the phone. If HTC has removed this limitation, I will be picking the X+ over the Note II. (The Note II supports ExFAT for microSD cards. Another option is the way Galaxy Nexus does it: ext4 as the file system for the memory and MTP for access, hiding the file system type so it can connect to any host supporting MTP.)
  3. lillracksingen

    Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for Galaxy S III shown on video

    I've tried CM9 and Paul's MoDaCo ROM and wasn't impressed with Google's stock launcher. aptX BT codec, microSD slot with ExFAT for my 4+ GB HD movies are the reasons why I chose the GS3 over the GNex. The only annoyance with Samsung's stock ROM is the Messaging app which gives an SMS alert for delivery notifications... Here's me hoping that Paul will update his MoDaCo edition ROM with JB. :-)
  4. lillracksingen

    HTC Official TyTN ROM Relased..!

    The previous ROM "floating around" was released by Leaf, South Africa. The new limited release by HTC seems to be identical, so voiding the warranty should not be a concern.

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