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  1. can someone help me??? I can't seem to update my weather. I'm from Singapore. I tried the auto and manual location ways but still unavailable to update. may I know what the inputs of the location? Thank you These are the combination that I have tried: Singapore, SG Singapore, Singapore Singapore, * Singapore, Singapore *
  2. can you post the photoshop's psd file for logging off. Thank you
  3. LittleMonster

    SMS UI

    May I know how to disable the scroll bar?
  4. LittleMonster

    Favorite contacts IL5

    Is a known bug in IL5. Flash secany latest firmware JA1 and this bug will be solve.
  5. I have recently flash my firmware to IL5 and installed Samsung Today plugin. I notice that under the Samsung Phonebook > Favorite tab, I can add in my favorite contact but after adding my contact, and close it (end program by tapping the X button), the next time I open favorite contact, it will only show the last added contact and the rest disappear. I notice that without tapping the X button, all the favorite contacts will be in place but after tapping X button, it will only show the last added favorite contact. Is this a bug in the firmware IL5 and any solution to this? Thank you
  6. Problem solved after I flashed to Secany latest ROM, I8000NXXIL5.
  7. how to switch to "Life " mode and "Work" mode?
  8. go to your message inbox > menu > tools > options > tap on *messaging, Check Use Unicode when necessary and you will be able to receive Chinese SMS. I did this without having to Go to Settings > Advance Setting > System > Regional setting to set the languages to Chinese(PRC) for simplied Chinese. Chinese(Taiwan) for traditional Chinese.
  9. I got the files installed and the carousel works ok, just wondering is it supposed to tilt without you spinning it? I have tried to get it to move with the phone but it doesn't. It will only spin for about a second. And unlike last time, now when i tap on the screen which i wanted to go to (example Contacts), it will not not go into it.
  10. yup.... softreset but still the same
  11. I tired your solution but still show Berlin, Rome.... My friend setting is English, Australia but setting still show Malaysia, Singapore.
  12. I have flashed my phone to the following firmware : PDA: IJ9 CSC: IJ8 PHONE: IJ4 After flashing, my time zone & location in Windows Default show Berlin,Rome but World Clock setting shows GMT +8 Malaysia,Singapore. Anyone know the registry to set it to Singapore rather then Berlin,Rome. And if i add a 2nd clock, it will show Malaysia,Singapore. Btw, I'm from Singapore Thank you
  13. LittleMonster

    omnia 2

    me too... anyone have the solution to this???
  14. LittleMonster

    Verizon ROM extract

    regedit won't be able to import. see my steps above. Hope it helps

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