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  1. Thanks! I got back 6mb of my internal storage!! I saw in Pauls free software that there is a cab file which makes PIE store all your temp files on your storage card. I downloaded it ran it - am I meant to do anything more? There is no option or program that I can find installed?
  2. I only have 10mb left on my internal storage on my phone. I had a look in my windows folder and there are some items which I want to remove. ppt.exe almost 2meg! I don't use powerpoint and some T-mobile wav files and some mpg4 files that have been installed by other programs. However - when I click to delete WM5 says that I cannot remove files that are stored on the ROM?! Any idea how I can get around this? Any help much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. WOW map24mobile is simply awesome! I am glad I found this site and I am glad I read through these posts! Thank you.
  4. I am using fleximail 2007 988 for a couple of days it seems fine so far. It does everything that I want including downloading gmail. Fingers crossed it keeps working! I have multiple accounts, multiple folders and all my emails are filtered into my designated folders.
  5. Is there a way to just have the scroll wheel doing this webpage scroll and not the D pad? Otherwise I will have the problem of not being able to select other recipients in my email program. Thanks
  6. Can I ask why you think iGo is better than Tom Tom? I have only used Tom Tom and not iGo so I would be interested in why you think I should swap?
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