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  1. I saw this on electricpig yesterday and was a bit skeptical but it is on the vodafone website (not even pre-order it is there to buy now!) www.Vodafone.co.uk/HTC-HD2 I have been away for ages, with my truty orbit2 mulling iPhones, Palm Pres and BlackBerry Storm 2 but I like to stick to what I know and this is the 1 for me Might just wait for o2 tho as I get a 30% off line rental deal through my employer
  2. whats the screensize and res on this badboy I wonder?
  3. Hi Paul - is it a proprietry headphone jack? And is there another media Player or is it WMP? Thanks
  4. I agree with you - a Haptic touchscreen KB must be amazing. Do you think Haptics will ever come to HTC devices? Is it due to patent / licensing?
  5. For browsing and iPod-like multimedia the iPhone currently beats winmo phones. For this reason it has come from nowhere to mass market appeal in a year. But that is it - everything else is limitations compared to winmo. But due to the mass market appeal people seem to see past these limitations. My last 2 winmo phones (MDA Compact 3 and now Orbit 2) have got better and better and although I was slightly tempted by the iphone, I can't wait for the Diamond. For 1 thing it now needs to compete on price with iPhone so it should be cheap. Also once the iPhone goes from cool to just plain common, the diamond will become understated cool :D
  6. Hey thanks for this - I have been following this story on various websites and also came across this today. Still not totally convinced to switch from T-Mob as nobody I know rates O2 that highly. Regarding the Orbit 2 - do you have this device? If yes how do you rate it and have you added anything on e.g the HTC Home app? thx hP
  7. Hi all, I've just taken delivery of of an Orbit 2 so I hope to join in within this forum from now on. Previously I had an MDAC3, but after this device was stolen recently my insurance offered to replace it with either this or a TYTN2 and I plumped for the Orbit 2. I really liked my MDAC3 so I'm naturally inclined to make the comparison and I have to say the Orbit 2 is class. All of the things that my MDAC3 was plus a lot more. I think Paul asked a while back "...is this the keyboard-less Kaiser we have been waiting for?..." I think it is. A quick few observations: - The touchFLO is nice and I have got used to it fairly quickly. I actually find taps using my finger on Windows are now easier as there is no border to the screen, but I'm worried about the (lack of) scratch resistance this will have. I also find the 2 additional keyboards fantastic and am using the 20 key keyboard a lot. I like the O2 custom apps. I haven't inserted my old TMob Sim into it yet (just using at home with WIFI at the moment). Co-Pilot looks great too (previously used TTNv6). I agree with whoever previously posted that O2 have made it look way more sexy than the HTC's Touch Cruise version). As my TMob contract comes to an end in 1 month, I'm thinking if taking an O2 "Simplicity" deal with a web bolt -on, but I'm wondering how good their HSDPA / 3G is? All in all a fantastic device and I would highly recommend. :D
  8. Couple of (poss daft) questions: - 1. Can you still receive incoming calls whilst this app is runnig on your device? 2. What sort of speed is the client getting? is it 1.8Mbps or as near as? Thx
  9. Hi, was just wondering where you got black housing from? and is it nice Samsung telly style gloss piano Black? If yes I'd be interested in getting buttons (and back of casing) too! thx
  10. It shows as an accessory for this device on the HTC shop website, and it works with my Compact 3 for sure. There was a driver CD included and the drivers needed to be installed. Maybe drivers are not needed for other devices.
  11. Hmm - If only a retailer / carrier would give you that much trade-in towards a TyTn 2 / Vario 3 Ebay it is then
  12. The Vario 2 is still a great device. No doubt T-Mobile will continue to offer it side by side with the Vario 3 (heck they still offer the Vario 1). So what does any1 who has a Vario 2 now wanting to move on up to the latest model do? Sell on Ebay? Hand me down to their partner or kid? run it as a 2nd/3rd/4th device?!?!? Is anyone (retailers) doing Trade-ins? Given that I want one but can't afford £470 outright, and will begrudge paying £300 odd for an upgrade (which is still a long long way off neway) I'd want to sell mine before it depreciates too much. Would any1 hazard a guess as to what the going-rate is now, or what it might be by the time the Vario 3 is widely available, or by the time the iPhone (yuk) comes out?
  13. I have an unadulterated vario 2 and am also wondering about the merits of upgrading to WM6 - I recall seeing a post a while back about safely backing up an original ROM. I'm guessing this would be useful tutorial before trying to upgrade the device? Am I right too in assuming warranty voided if upgraded? thx
  14. Hey I got the P3300 as the MDA Compact 3 on an upgrade for free (I'm only on Flext £25pm with no data or insurance) and as far as I'm aware you get much better deals for a new connection than upgraders. I would always expect to get the Compact 3 for free. Period. Getting the N95 or the Vario2 for free, on a reasonable price plan is a different matter.
  15. Any particular reason for sticking with O2? - TMob have better data deals and if you intend to make use of the fast connection over hsdpa then TMob is better bet anyway. I'm sure you can get the vario 2 for abt £70 or less if you take the right Flext tarrif, sign up for Insurance in the shop (to cancel later of course!) For +/- £200 you could prolly find a Vario 2 on Ebay and stick to PAYG with the TMob £1 per day flat rate
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