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  1. unleashedvigilante

    App to add popup New SMS on WM6 Standard phones

    This could be an amazing app! I completely agree with hawaii in how the softkeys should be set up. Also, I searched on xda-developers but couldnt find a thread on this app, only a mention of it in another thread. Would anyone like to start it in the general smartphone category? I assume this works for all smartphones? I am running it on my tornado/cingular 2125 and it seems to work alright, although I have had some issues with it seeming to be rather resource-hungry as well as when it gets activated, my home button no longer works-which is preventing me from using this program until that is fixed. Also the same previously mentioned issue with the replying via bubble/text still Unread. Another thing- The .cab file you posted is different than the one listed on the saman website. I assume yours is newer due to the extended options and version. So I was just wondering if saman is still continuing work on this and if so, is there a newer website? Another possible request would be to allow us to edit/personalize the bubble color, font, text color.....
  2. unleashedvigilante

    Homescreen guide for beginners

    Seriously W411y, you are the greatest man alive! Within about five minutes of reading this tutorial, you answered a question that has been making me pull my hair out for hours. Thanks again for your amazing homescreens and this tutorial!!!
  3. unleashedvigilante

    Mini-jack went down

    Just like Snooginsguy said, bluetooth headphones work great. I have a cingular 2125 with the a2dp hack and Motorola HT820 Headphones and it beats wires anyday. Follow this guide step by step and you'll be set http://richtech.wordpress.com/2006/05/11/g...-cingular-2125/

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