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  1. Did you just install your copy over/in addition to the version that comes preinstalled on the HD2?
  2. they better get a move on and update the HD2 version, that's all I can say. though I did see something on xda about this and apparently this new version simply lacks pinch to zoom. I could he tempted to give it a go.
  3. Hrm, I just got an HD2 because I like to use CoPilot and CamerAware... I love the HD2, but the OS is getting long in the tooth and the HTC customisations cannot hide all the legacy that resides in WinMo. I hate to say it but with serious alternatives (Android) I think it could be my last WinMo device as Android now has CoPilot and alternatives to CamerAware... Unless of course WinMo 7 actually get's itself together in a decent form and timeframe...
  4. HTC HD2 Windows Mobile 6.5 Default ROM (1.48.405.2)
  5. Does your device get a valid IP address from the router?
  6. I'll believe it when I see it. If the functionality is limited to taking your avatar with you and flicking through the marketplace then it will be a wasted opportunity. The issue MS have is that the Windows Mobile hardware platforms are too variable, how do developers make games (for arguments sake, XBox Live Arcade style games) for Windows Mobile when the hardware is so disperate and varied?
  7. Thanks for the reply fella, is the case loose around the body of the phone? I was hoping this thing would be kinda skin-tight!!
  8. I'm on 1.48 at the moment and have not had any issues so far, I'm going with the "if it ain't broke" ideaology for now! I do have the pinkspot but it doesnt bother me and I rarely use the camera anyway!
  9. Yeah crazy!! I only picked up on it today because I touch-typed my password into the password-change text boxes today. I was like "hang on, that's stopped accepting characters". That's when it dawned on me.
  10. I know, 28 and a cynic!! My wife hates me for it!! Does no one else worry about the data Google collects? As I said, if CamerAware was available for Android I would probably have ordered a Motorola Milestone today instead of an HD2!!! But alas, I am confined to WinMo because of our great and powerful leader Paul O'Brien :) Anyone would think he has shares in MSFT ;) j/k Paul. But seriously, that's about it. My favourite satnav (CoPilot) is available for Android, the marketplace is amazing (though not as vast as Apple's yet) and the whole OS feels really "fresh". But it's a little young and I think given some time to mature it will really come into it's own. I have been a WinMo diehard since the days of the original Orange SPV then the E200, C500 and then I went over to the larger PPC style devices; Wizard, Hermes, Kaiser, Raphael and now Leo (well, hopefully tomorrow if the postie can fight through the snow!!). Got a weird feeling though, if WM7 isn't the game-changer that I am hoping it will be I might have to ditch WinMo. I might keep a legacy device just for CamerAware (if Paul still has not ported it). In this even, I think Android will be my next choice.
  11. Name one device that lets you do all of the above at the same time while remaining usable (i.e. not slowing to a crawl). Possibly the HD2 with it's 1GHz Snapdragdon but I have no first hand experience and wouldn't hold my breath!! Even my Touch Pro (or even the Touch Pro 2 which has the same processor) would struggle, hell...panning an Opera page on my Touch Pro can sometimes be an uphill struggle!
  12. Because Paul hasn't ported CamerAware to Android *grumble grumble grumble* In all seriousness, iPhone seems like a toy compared to WinMo...the walled garden of Apple does not appeal to me. Android, I like the look it a lot, it promises so much, even the app store is order of magnitude more populated than the WinMo Marketplace BUT I have serious concerns about Google and privacy. Google are great, their apps/software are great...I mean REALLY great, considering it's mostly (all?) free? But what information is being collected along the way? I dunno, maybe I am too much of a cynic/am a bit paranoid but I have grave concerns about Googles privacy policy.
  13. SOLVED: Ok, this one definitely falls into the "user error" category!!!! So, when I changed my password using my laptop I just typed it into the appropriate text box and again in the "confirmation" box. Signed into messenger via my laptop and my hotmail account via a browser and it just worked. Cool. Tried exactly the same thing on my mobile and no go. Weird. So I tried all your suggestions above (barring using POP and Palringo) and still no go. Starting to get annoyed now. Today I changed my password to something simple and short, to make 100% sure that I am not typing it in incorrectly etc. Try via my laptop & browser, all is sweet. Try from my mobile and it works! Ok getting somewhere now!! Change my password BACK to what it wanted it to be and once again it broke via the mobile!! Ok this is starting to do my nut now. Anyway, to cut a long story short, when you change your password it tells you that the minimum length is 6 characters but no mention of a maximum, the text box just stops taking characters without letting you know. Same with the confirmation box. MSN Messenger and the Hotmail sign-in page (I assume all Live ID sign-in pages) only take a maximum of 16 characters, so even though I was typing in 19, only the first 16 ever got taken. This being the case all computer/browser based things worked just fine. The Windows Live Mobile client actually takes as many characters as you type in!! So a full 19 character password would never authenticate properly!! Shortened my password and now it's working!! So that leaves 3 questions IMO: 1. Why, in this day and age of having to protect our IDs from theft etc, do MS impose a 16 character limit? 2. If they are going to impose this limit, why not tell you somewhere on the page where you can change your password or even automatically warn you when you're typing it in and reach the 16 char limit? 3. If all Live ID based apps and websites only take 16 characters, why is the WLM client different?! EDIT: I've updated the title and subtitle of this post so that if anyone has trouble in the future becauseo of this issue they will hopefully be able to find this topic nice and fast.
  14. Sorry I meant to reply the other day. Something weird is going on. I installed the new Windows Live but I am still unable to sign in with my actual account details. I signed up for a new (test) account on MSN/Live (via my laptop) and that account worked perfectly!!! Something odd is going on with my actual account. I can sign in from any PC but not Windows Live Mobile. I have not tried Palringo or POP yet for my needs as I really would like to just get WLM working. I can't figure it out!! Really banging my head against a wall here. I might try changing my password again to see if that fixes it. Maybe the change has not propogated out to all the severs or something weird??
  15. I am soooooooooooooooooooo close to pulling the trigger on an HD2 (sim free from Expansys probably) but some of the niggles are not so little. Things like the SMS issue, SMS timestamps being wrong etc... Not 100% sure yet...but then being the gadget whore that I am I will probably order first thing tomorrow morning!! At least it will give me something to play with over the Christmas break! Also I've had a look over at XDA and there's a kick ass thread with all the tweaks and mods...hold on...here you go (for those that are not members/not seen it): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=583638
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