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  1. I had an iphone in the past but due to limitations(no office,no navigation programm) i sold it.Now that i have office and a navigation programm i am very happy.
  2. Sorry guys but i am an iphone user now and not much time left for creating taskbar v5
  3. Delete the following reg value ConsistentClockOrBattery or set to 0 found in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Shell\Taskbar
  4. You should give more info.What rom are you using?You are the first to report installation error.
  5. If you choose to use the original OverrideIcon.dll then you have to change the rest of the files in Shellres96.dll
  6. The dll customized are from WM6.1 I dont use 6.5 and didn't analyze the dlls that wm6.5 use.So its obvious that they are not the same.And yes its GSM version.Didn't customize the CDMA icons.Feel free to do so.
  7. I uploaded the wrong file.Please redownload now.It should be fine.Sorry for that.There was a shortcut to startup folder missing.
  8. Bluetooth icon for V3 uploaded.Check first post.
  9. You can change the space that wktask takes from the first settings page of wktask. If you want to see the batt at all times and not only at today screen then you have to add the following key to registry. HKLM > Software > Microsoft > Shell > Taskbar > ConsistentClockOrBattery = 1
  10. Omnia is not making use of BT icon.Does your omnia show any kind of icon when you switch on-off BT??
  11. I have made a new version with different icons.Check first post
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