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  1. Wipe doesnt seem to do it. Now reflash back. Its working now. Thanks for the awesome rom!
  2. Flashed & running 800mhz ever since no prob. Smooth as butter :) Tho im having issue with bluetooth. Cant seem to enable it. Once enable it will force close. Tried running with default clock speed also the same. Any ideas?
  3. Confuse here....never flash a custom android rom before. My V9 came with stock 2.2 rom so what i do next to instal CM7? Really need to overclock it....sorry for the newb question
  4. Well seems alot of ppl pm me bout installing flash, let me share then. Btw its flash-lite NOT flash 10. Dont flame me :) First go here: http://www.mediafire.com/?ix2iwdm4otl Download & install. If cant install just change the extension from zip > apk. If any browser open do kill it. Then run again. I used the Opera Mobile & it seems 'can' run flash videos website but sometimes cant. Seeing its only flash-lite, not the gpu assist Flash 10, flash game cant seem to run BTW I still cant find a way to overclock it....
  5. I finally got flash to work in Opera mobile :) Now finding ways to overclock
  6. Any guys manage to overclock this v9? if anyone know how do let me know. My only gripe with this v9 is its speed...
  7. Sorry for the newb question, is it possible to update the stock 2.2 V9 kernel to the optimized kernel without update to C7 ROM? Been trying to download the c7 rom but always fail halfway.
  8. This is the kind of UI i want for O2. Simple, fast and low ram usage. Is there anyway to make it as a today plugin? Would love if its possible....
  9. I second this, this prob is driving me nuts! Seems no solution atm. I notice the prob started when I register one of the apps i installed. After that each time unlock O2, owner information popup....any suggestion?
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