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  1. I'm sure there are better solutions out there but on the off chance you don't find one you could always rename the files making '1' a '01' instead. Like I say i'm sure there are better ways and if you have a lot of files it'd be pretty time consuming but it would at least get them in the right order (eventually!)
  2. Excellent summary shadamehr, as you say it seems you know more about these deals than T-Mob themselves! Maybe you should apply for a job there? :) Just one point.... I think this varies between handsets. When I looked up the HD2 the internet bundle is inluded free in ALL contracts, right the way up from the £10 a month deal and includes 18 month contracts as well. Now i've studied the deals a bit more i'm a lot happier. I've always paid more than I really need to per month to get a cheap/free phone but now i'm thinking of getting the HD2 on the £10 a month deal. Ok the phone will cost me £241 but i'll be saving £30 every month which adds up to a far better deal. From what I can tell that £10 would get me free internet and then I can use the free booster for unlimited texts which is all I need really. As recently as yesterday I was saying I'll never sign up to a 24 month contract but at £10 it's really not much of an issue.
  3. Is it just me or is all this a bit confusing?! I'm not sure if this is what sockatume is getting at in the post above but it seems different tariffs show up. I originally looked up the price plan first and then looked at the available phones and prices under that plan. However I've just done it the other way round (select phone then plan) and the same deal at the same price now suddenly includes free internet and I still have a free booster :)
  4. Cheers, I shall give them a ring if my impatience doesn't get too much and I end up ordering it on Virgin before my contract expires! I've never really done much haggling/negotiating over renewals so I just wondered if anyone knew how much they're typically able to knock off the price. At least I have a good offer to fall back on should they be unable to match it :)
  5. Not sure there's anything to tempt me here. I'm looking to get an HD2 when my contract runs out, best deal i've found so far is on Virgin which is an 18 month contract at £25 a month including 500 minutes, unlimited texts (fair use policy of 3,000 texts) and unlimited internet (fair use policy of 1gb). Making up a similar deal on T-Mob the best I can come up with is a £20 a month contract for 18 months, adding unlimited texts as the free booster and then adding unlimited internet for £5 a month. This makes the same price per month but not only leaves me well short on minutes (which isn't so much of an issue, i'll probably still have more than I'll need) but the HD2 itself will cost £89.99 on Virgin and either £172 or £206 on T-Mob. Anyone know the likelihood of me getting a similar deal on T-Mob when I ring them at the end of my contract?
  6. I downloaded this last night and I have to say, I'm very impressed. I can't comment on how it compares to the previous version (I last used Opera several years ago and was so unimpressed I haven't bothered with it since then), but this is everything I want from a browser. It's quick, easy to use, looks good, has lots of useful features and functions, and sites that PIE and Skyfire refused to open actually load up on this. I'll definitely be picking up a full copy of this on it's release
  7. Well for the first 18 months at least they're keeping the same, seperate names whilst they conduct a brand review but after that who knows? I don't see all of this as great news tbh. I was on Orange for a couple years (admittedly quite a while ago now) but they were truly awful, worst customer service ever and I had my fair share of other issues with them. Contrast that to T-Mobile, I've been with them for 3 or so years now and i've not had a single issue with them-ever. For my needs T-Mobile is pretty much perfect and can't be improved upon so can only see Orange making things worse - though i'd be more than happy to be proved wrong in time Edited to add Simon Atkinson (BBC Business reporter) seems to think Orange will be the name they go for.
  8. Finally got round to downloading this last night and I have to say, it's a huge disappoitment <_< I'd been using the beta as a secondary browser for a select few websites that just wouldn't load on PIE. These used to load fine on the beta version but for some reason just will not work on this new version :) After accepting that I could no longer access one particular site with Skyfire I thought i'd check out youtube to see if there were any other reasons to keep this browser. I tried about 5 videos in total and just 1 worked. The above reasons were enough for me to decide to discard Skyfire anyway but on top of that, about 50% of the time I go to load Skyfire up it just comes back with various error messages, despite me being in a full coverage area. The most annoying thing about all of this is, the sites I wanted to look at used to work! Seems (for me at least) the full release has actually taken a rather large step backwards.
  9. Edit - Never mind, missed the reply above!
  10. Looks good in white, especially the front view B)
  11. I've noticed this issue on a couple of occasions too. So far it seems to be intermittent so can't say i'm too fussed, would be more concerned if it became constant though. For me at least, the positives of this phone still far outway the couple of very minor compaints (location of micro sd card and this keypad issue) and i'd certainly recommend it to friends or family.
  12. I know it's not one of the free ones but i'd have happily paid the $49.95 for an English/Norwegian smartphone dictionary. Sadly it's only available for pocket pc B)
  13. I can see your point, i'd certainly prefer the matte finish that was seen in some of the early photographs. However that, and the inconveniently placed micro-sd card slot are the only 2 (very minor) complaints I have with this phone. In every other way i've found it to be outstanding so far. All the really important stuff like the hardware etc are great. So unless the fingerprint issue really is a big problem for you i'd say buy one and you won't be disappointed.
  14. There did seem to be several notices in the documentation about being very careful with pressure on that area of the phone. I didn't pay much attention as I assumed it was just your standard warning but seems that this could be an issue. Thanks for the info though, I have started putting my phone in my shirt pocket lately so might just stop that now!
  15. Can't say i've noticed this yellowish tint on mine either, display seems absolutely flawless so you might want to look into an exchange maybe?
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