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  1. nothin

    PocketSNES 1.53

    lmao, mikeeey i have no problems with snes 100% emulation with sound, even with UNDERCLOCKED cpu. so your statement is just false at this point. my slogan is: just xscale. --- i agree, that qualcomm and samsung cpus are changing pocketpc phones, and smartphones into just weak phones, nothing more. not to mention lack of buttons(ffs).
  2. nothin

    PocketSNES 1.53

    rtfm? add gsgetfile.dll to emu folder ffs.
  3. nothin

    PocketSNES 1.53

    do not use sound interpolation, never EVER. btw, guys, check this topic instead of walking in mist... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=518027
  4. muahahahhaa, Jokes On You, ...it must be joke, yes? i mean both parts..before, and after "if"...
  5. nothin

    PocketSNES 1.53

    theres nothing you can do. nic nie zrobisz, wlaczenie soundu wiesza emulki wszystkie(z linii psnes, w tym i snesvj4u) po zaladowaniu save.
  6. nothin

    PocketSNES 1.53

    ask HTC, lol! you surely know nothing about cpus. running xp on pda, sweet lord, get real. you think that your 528 mhz is more, than 386 sx 16? hahahaha. let me assume - your 528 mhz = 300 mhz xscale or even less, btw. repeat slowly after me: t-h-a-n-k y-o-u H-T-C f-o-r t-h-a-t e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e s-h-i-t. info for normal people: xscale users - just forget about psnes presented here, it is omap/samsung/quallcomm optimised ONLY. check pocketsnes by n0p, or snesvj4u to full snes experience on xscale devices. sound on max, 60 fps is nothing hard to get on xscale device. hint: do NOT use sound interpolation, never ever. sorry for post, i just couldn't resist....
  7. nothin

    FinalBurn for WinCE 0.014

    version 0.11 is just as good as it should.
  8. nothin

    FinalBurn for WinCE 0.014

    ;) indeed, i mean classic one... no htc, just ppc. qvga, etc..
  9. nothin

    FinalBurn for WinCE 0.014

    buy normal pocketpc.
  10. it is good to see good news ;) btw, ~2 yrs ago i was writing about "white box" silent hill problem - interesting, that i found same thing with pc emu, someone told this: so, my question is simple - what's with 0.10 and silent hill gameplay?
  11. nothin

    Introducing... the HTC Touch HD

    ridiculous device, ppc ideas killer, gtfo, HTC. HTC is not helping PPC devices evolution - it is just sad. Are there OLD pocketpc device users? Look on that s***.. dude..plz.
  12. nothin

    Emulator that plays .SMC files?

    dude, what machine you are using;/ and what nes have to snes LOL. i am using 416 mhz xscale pocketpc and i have maxxed sound quality + FS set to 3. you bought omap machine, FORGET about sound with snes, you bought quallcomm cpu machine, FORGET about sound, you bought samsung cpu machine, FORGET about sound.ok?

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