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  1. Nice Job guys...really well done. Any way we can mirror the links on this site? The links on the other site are down, Chears, Lou
  2. Hi Everyone... The following apps are absolute essentials to anyone with, or thinking of, getting a Touch. IMHO of course 1. Battery Status http://www.chi-tai.info/cs_BatteryStatus_X...o_WM5_iM_cs.htm This includes omap clock so you can overclock this slow device...I've been overclocking at 234 for a while now...no problems 2. Pocket CM http://pocketcm.com/index.php This is a contact manager, sort like the iphone, with finger scrolling, search by category, city, favorites, etc... 3. PCM Keyboard http://pocketcm.com/ Also from the maker of Pocket CM, this keyboard is what I've been waiting for ever since I got the touch...it's predictive (optional) precise, and fully customizable (aserty, qwerty, lkouyt, etc...) you simply have to play around with it to believe it...in fact, watch this For clarification, I have no relation to any of these companies, even though I've written about these in other places...and anyway, all these apps are free, but they have improved my "techno life" so I hope they'll do the same for you... Please feel free to post your comments about these and also other "essentials" for you because if they are anything like these 3...i want em Chears, L
  3. PCM Keyboard is da schnizle "yes I feel that strongly about it :) " I decided to dowload it, and I've since removed spb fullscreen keyboard from my list of programs...go get it from the pcm site, and try it...but you need to remember how you learned t9...ie even though you are typing on a qwerty (or azerty or any which way you set it up) you sometimes hit the wrong keys but once you are done typing, the correct word SHOULD be there...you can also add words to the dictionary etc...it has made typing a whole lot easier on the touch L
  4. You need the certificate from the exchange server...it's usually named COMPANYNAME.cer where company name is the name of the company, so if you r company's url is google.com you would have a certificate that is google.cer. once you get this file...transfer it to your device, doesn't matter where, and tap it...it'll install the certificate. Then you do the settings and you should be good to go....mine is working perfectly L
  5. I'm using the spb fullscreen keyboard right now, and I'm happy with it...i only use that keyboard when I have to write something short...it's included with this app since the sms are threaded....this guy really did an amazing job...cudoz EDIT I went and tried it and the pcm keyboard blows the spb out of the water...try it, but make sure you visit the forum on his site for some extra info on using it and customising it... L
  6. After searching this forum and XDA I still can't find what I'm looking for...and it's starting to irritate me because lesser phones have this so why not our lovely wm6 devices....all I want for xmas is a way to choose different languages while writing sms or email...that's all I want...English (which I now have) French (which I desperately need...let me show you why The above text is written using the dictionary...the one below is without Hy pepol, i am looking for a dyctionari so that i can excape the horor and humiaiation of soundng like a total and otter dump bleep...but i dont want to look it op all da time... cahtch ma drivt? Thanks, L PS Paul (MVP) made a cab instaler for the smartphones...why isn't there something like this for the PPC?
  7. Slide to unlock is available for wm...i tried it but didn't like it much...one thing I LOVE though can be found here http://pocketcm.com/index.php This makes it so you can finger scroll through your contacts...just like on a fruity device :) I love this thing...it has replaced some of my gaming rituals. L
  8. Hi everyone...I know we have touchflo...but this little app is something amazing...I love it so much I'm posting about it ... oh it's one of those free apps :) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=320544 This is a topic on it over on xda...you can then go to his website and download it but to summerize it in a few words (other than where have you been all my life) This app is a contact manager resembling the iphone. You can flick the list up and down (or just drag up and down)...slide your right thumb up or down the right side to choose a letter (a-Z) tap a name, call or sms...it even includes an sms threader like they have on the palms...really...this is the best app for WM phones I've ever used and it's free. Check it out...you won't be dissapointed. the guy's website is here http://pocketcm.com/index.php enjoy Lou
  9. Thanks that's all very useful. I thought that one could add plugins like in Smartphones and then decide where they are on the screen, and since it's touch screen, simply tap them instead of having to scroll down to them to activate. I wonder if there's a way to do that. I also wasn't sure if the normal apps for ppc like wizbar, pi, pocketbreez etc worked on the touch but I guess they do...I'll be putting those on today. Thanks for your help, Lou
  10. Hi, I just got my Touch, and I wanted to know if anyone has a tutorial to create today screens. I'm sure how much this applies since I just changed from a Smartphone (htc S710) but with the nontouchscreen wm6 you create today screens with HTML....same here? Thanks Lou
  11. I have a base station at home, and the settings are the same as you (bgn) and I can connect just fine. this might be silly, but try entering the password using another method, to make sure that the password is correct. Have you tried to set it so that the phone tells you "new network" and then you join? How about trying to set a new network connection? Hope you solve this... LS
  12. This is must be an orange thing because I haven't heard of anyone using a S710 having these problems L
  13. yes...you choose what you want to see from the options view once you are inside fizz weather LS
  14. You can not change the height of the plugin...what you can do is change the fizz traveler plugin to the fizz weather plugin and then, in the fizzweather homescreen settings, choose one of the smaller homescreen layouts... I'm working on adding fizz to my home screen, but unfortunately the text is only showing in black (see attached bmp.) if anyone knows how to xml the text color for the fizz plugins, that would be greatly appreciated. I sent an email to fizz but no reply so far... I'll post if they reply, Thanks LS lsfizzweather.bmp
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