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  1. c'mon HTC fans convince me. Cost is not an issue here... its purely about the phones and their features/available apps. 1 question. The virtual qwerty in landscape. Tried it on the iPhone and it works a treat. What about the Diamond 2 ?
  2. just had my HTC Niki (T-Mob UK) returned following a screen repair. Its come back with the OS system updated and I now have 2 issues. 1/ it wont recognise people in my contacts when I get an incoming call. It just shows the number. Oddly though, it does recognose them when they send a text. 2/ when I plug in to my laptop to charge/sync it crashes my laptops wireless connection. The only solution is then to restart my laptop and re-boot my router. VERY annoying. Neitehr of these were a problem pre-repair. (I have posted these issues in another thread with no response ..admin feel free to delete those posts)
  3. Everytime I sync up my device with my lap-top it totally messes up my laptops connection to the router. The only way I can then get back online is to restart both my laptop and my router. Device seems unaffected by any of this. Anybody got any suggestions ?
  4. Kippax

    WinMob 6.1 Pro prob

    Just had my HTC away for repair with T-Mob and its come back with WinMob 6.1 on it. Few subtle differences but one problem. I use MSOutlook to sync for contacts and calender. But now it refuses to recognise incoming calls from contacts in my phone. It just shows the number. Could this be anything to do with the international dialling pre-fix that I have an all my numbers ? It was fine before !!
  5. This came packaged with my T-Mobile Touch Plus and the original subscription has now expired. Anybody any experience with buying this and is it worth the 35Euros they are asking for ?
  6. where is the folder that holds the files that can be used as message alerts ? I want to drop one in their so that I can select it under the notifications tab. I also fancy making a little room by deleting some of those that I'm never likely to use.
  7. Kippax

    ActiveSync crashes my router....

    Cool....... that worked a treat, many thanks to the pair of you.
  8. Kippax

    ActiveSync crashes my router....

    "Bridged"......... mmmhhh ??? {scratches head} go on..... gimme a clue please !
  9. This is weird, but everytime I sync my Touch Plus with the USB lead it syncs fine but crashes my router/WiFi connection. It renders my laptop unable to re-establish the connection as it refuses to renew the IP address. Even if I dis-connect the phone. The only solution is to disconnect the phone, re-start my laptop and reset the router. Nothing less will work. As you can imagine.... it a pain in the privates.... Any idea just what is going on. The only thing that comes to mind is that a few months ago I had a play with the settings to try and enable me to use the phone as a modem. I never succeeded, but have I knacked something in the process ?
  10. been asked this question on another forum. Its in relation to problems I am having getting trying to run a remote access link to my home IP cameras., Anybody know the answer.... or where I might find it on my device ?
  11. Kippax

    O2 (UK) email settings

    Nope.... it wasn't a typo. I'm going to lie down in a darkened room for a week. Humble apologies. :D
  12. OK... so I've got my googlemail to send and receive, but my O2 account will only receive. When I try to send it tells me that it cannot connect to the outgoing server. incoming mail server : mail.o2.co.uk Account type : pop3 username : full email address outgoing mail server : smpt.o2.co.uk tried with "requires authentification" both ticked and unticked Require SSl - unticked (both incoming and outgoing) I have had similar problems on other devices with my O2 email (I am currently trying to do this on a T-Mob Touch Plus) and actually solved it previously by asking the device to use the same settings for both incoming and outgoing mail servers. Not this time though. Anybody able to help me ?
  13. Anyway of gettin it workin on a WinMo ? FIFA '08
  14. Kippax

    T-Mobile - HTC

    Touch Dual arrived this morning. Playin/configgin it all day. Can't get the accompanying CD to work. Is there anything on there that I'm gonna need ? How do I config push email ?
  15. Why are some contact images visible and others not ? I have a number of contacts in MS Outlook that have images saved in the contact details. However some don't appear when I sync with my HTC Touch Plus. Is this down to the file size, file type or something else ?

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