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  1. Apart from sudoku, chess and checkers games i've found, I haven't been too impressed with the games available. Are there any must-haves?
  2. I was in London yesterday (Piccadilly area) and couldn't get a signal for voice or data on T-mobile at all. Someone I was with who is on O2 had no problems at all. Now I'm curious if it was either a glitch, terrible t-mobile coverage or just my phone (Vario III) messing about.
  3. that's a regular SD card, not a micro SD
  4. haha, thanks a lot, that was the problem! Wow! usually 'hidden' reset buttons are very soft to press, never expected it to be so hard!
  5. Thanks, I'm glad there's a way to do it without the button - still, I'm a bit miffed that the button appears to be broken ;) Reckon T-mobile will replace it as I've only had it a day?
  6. Got my Vario III yesterday and installed some software that required me to do a soft reset (for the first time). I put the stylus in the hole - nothing, I can't 'feel' anything in there and nothing is happening on the screen :( Going to give T-mobile a call tomorrow/Monday, looks like it needs to be replaced ;)
  7. Thank you! Just been looking down your must-have apps thread - there really are some fantastic applications available for these things now - so much better than when I first used a Windows Mobile device
  8. Sorry if this an obvious question but is the interface almost identical to the tytn II on the Vario? I saw a long video review of the tytn and loved the screen that allowed you to access the weather (amongst other things) quickly - is this also on T-Mobiles vario III? Thanks ;) (incidentally, I ordered one from t-mobile this morning - can't wait to get it :( )
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