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  1. Having just received my Nexus 7 I was keen to get an official case as I find they're usually well made and compliment devices, but not having the auto-sleep/wake feature is a deal breaker for me. :(
  2. That's a good pay out for the phone and should pretty much cover an HD2 replacement. (Handtec are £448.84 at time of writing.) I'm actually surprised they're giving you the money and not simply replacing the phone. Enjoy your HD2. ;)
  3. I just tried calling the magic number and it was answered by the upgrades department. They wouldn't help me and told me to call customer services. I think this might get messy! :P Edit: I called 202 and a very nice Scottish lady explained the new bolt-on probably didn't take effect because the tariff is a CPW one. However, she was able to make the change and it should take force within the next 24 hours. Fingers crossed. B) I just hope my snotty reply to the email I received doesn't #### it up. In hindsight, I probably should have called them first. :(
  4. For the last month my account has been showing the Unlimited SMS as the extra service. I've just checked now and it says Services: None B) Edit: This just gets better and better. I emailed O2 through their website asking about the bolt-on and got this reply: So now I have no bolt-on and they want to charge me to add a new one. :(
  5. I've just signed up for this trial. Thanks for the heads-up.
  6. I think 14 days is your typical 'cooling off period'. Check the rest of the T&Cs for cancellation instructions. You may find, despite the part saying 14 days, you can cancel whenever you want by simply giving them notice, or cancelling the direct debit. Edit: From their website -
  7. I agree. I've used Krussell cases on most of my phones. But not anymore. I ordered one for my wife's K850i and it simply didn't fit. On top of that it just didn't look well made, for the above reasons. At the moment I'm using the cloth pouch that came with the phone and I'm very happy with it. I have HTC's silicon case on pre-order with Expansys. It's not due for a couple of weeks, so we'll have to see if it's worth the extra over cheaper, ebay silicon cases.
  8. You might be able to get more company information elsewhere, but here's something: http://www.alexa.com/data/details/main/mobiles.co.uk Company Info for mobiles.co.uk: Mobiles.co.uk 6 Greenhill Crescent, Watford Business Park, Watford Herts WD18 8RF, UNITED KINGDOM No name though. You could always write to somebody from The Carphonewarehouse Group instead. They own mobiles.co.uk
  9. In case it's of use to others - I contacted O2 and they confirmed it was fine to port in an existing number at any time during your contract. As long as you have a valid PAC number (30 days). I emailed mobiles.co.uk and they have told me it's also ok to port an existing number whenever you like. It won't effect any cashback claims either, as long as you remain on the same tariff they're happy.
  10. A quick question about mobiles.co.uk cashback: This is part of the T&Cs: The bit in bold confuses me. I didn't port a number when I took out the contract. But I plan to do so in a few months, when I've spent all the credit on my old phone. Does this mean I'll screw up my cashback?
  11. I'm looking into it. There was nothing with the phone detailing either policy. However, I have just received an email regarding the Phone Care policy. There is an attached pdf document. I'll post again after I've read it. Edit #1: This is the main body of the email: I'm hoping a simple email will suffice. If not, a phone call. I may back it all up with a letter, recorded delivery. Edit #2: The policy document provides this link to cancel your policy: www.carphonewarehouse.com/cancelapolicy It fowards you to the CPW 'Contact Us' form. Drop down menus allow you to select cancellation. Hope it helps.
  12. I wondered this too. I disabled both to be sure. :) PS Appears to be working fine on my HTC Touch HD
  13. :) My phone arrived at 0650hrs! :D I've just got off the phone with O2 (used the 'magic number') and the nice lady changed my bolt-on. She said it would take effect from 26th February - a month from today I guess. I just need to cancel the insurance and support packages mobiles.co.uk include free for the first month. :)
  14. I was in a similar position in that I originally wanted to buy my next phone SIM free. I didn't want a contract. My phone usage (calls and texts) is quite low, so I'm very happy on my Asda (Vodafone) PAYG SIM card. However, the £520 cost is just out of reach. I should have just kept saving, but the desire to have an HD was overwhelming and I finally succumbed and ordered it yesterday. I see the £35 per month contract as a 'spread your payments scheme' with the added bonus of inclusive minutes and texts. :) I got my confirmation email earlier and I should have the phone tomorrow. Can't wait. I even managed to sell it to my wife. :D
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