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  1. Hey guys, I'm using a c2125 with WM6.1 and I can't get any ringtones, including the included ones, to work. Vibrate works, speakerphone works but can't get it to play ringtones when selecting one or when someone calls. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. I had mine fully charged at 8PM, made a 30 min phone call later that night and the phone woke me up at 6AM with two beeps and died. No bluetooth, no activity. I have no idea what's going on bu I can't use me phone.. :rolleyes: someone help!
  3. I remember seeing how to do this but I can't find it. Any ideas?
  4. hey, i had to reset my c2125 because picureID(don't install!) ruined my caller ID screen. Anyways, since then, when I get text messages, my homescreen doesn't update. I have to check my text folder to see if I have gotten new messages. any ideas?
  5. I definitely would use a portrait version. waiting on SkinProject OS X portrait is no use.
  6. Thanks, I gave it a try but no-go. Anything else at all?
  7. My headphone jack broke inside my cingular 2125 (cheap cheap radio shack 2.5mm adapter). So half of it is stuck inside, have tried everything to get it out and it won't. My phone is set on headset mode so I can't use it at all. IS there an app that I can use to disable or override headset mode? I've tried changing profiles but of course that doesn't work. Any help you can give will be much appreciated because I can't be without my phone these next few days, it's very important. Thanks a Lot.
  8. no ideas at all? is there a way i can create a new theme, and fix the problem myself?
  9. ok i changed the theme, rebooted and all but no go. still messed up. damn pictureID!
  10. hey, i installed pictureID i think and it sucked so I uninstalled it and now my callerID screen is messed up. all the text displays on top of each other on one line so I have no idea whose calling. any ideas as to how i can reset it or fix it?
  11. i like The Core Player. Pocket player has nice features but its horribly slow (lags when switching songs).
  12. ok update, from using it its not bad. I don't like how the windows size and position changes depending on the section. Other than that, i like it.
  13. sexy, gonnna give it a try. thanks. i like os x style but on a smartphone, vista seems to look better and have better functionality.
  14. I get a "file cannot be opened" tried it with IE too and it didnt work. Ideas? i've tried enabling the picture folder tweak and disabling..no go.
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