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  1. Yeah ;) , but I have a full time job and I'm doing this during my free time at home (couple of hours?). That's just the initial look, if everything goes well then I'll concentrate on the design, but now, I have to concentrate on the content ;)
  2. I need pictures of Newport Beach Houses for my new project. I'm doing an article about it and any interesting information is greatly appreciated! You can see my initial article at http://www.newport-beach-houses.net Thanks! ;)
  3. Guys I need help for a website I'm currently doing. Its about used stationary bikes and I need information on those who have used both recumbent and upright stationary bikes (which is better in terms of burning calories). The site is at http://www.dogengine.com/us/used-stationary-bikes.php any comments and suggestions would be great! Thanks!
  4. share ko lang po... dalawa pa lang na lalaman ko pero it would save you alot... instead of buying a "car charger" specially made for sap which costs more or less 850 you can buy a cig adapter na para sa discman... yung may voltage range na pdeng i-adjust (yung sap kasi 4.5v) tapos may multiple plugs pa na pde ikabit sa usb cable ng sap. yung cig adapter pala eh 299... ;) sa headphones naman instead of buying the 150 pesos na headset sa Smart and you can buy an audio adapter (hindi ko alam specs) sa Concord (car accessories) na makikita sa sm malls... tried ko na kasi sa mga hardware like ace... wala sila pero sa Concord meron... 27 pesos lang ata... advantage nitong audio adapter eh pde mong gamitin sa maski anong standard (regular) headphones :D Summary SAP Car Charger 850php VS Cig Adapter w/ multiple plugs 299php SAP Headset 150php VS audio adapter 27php LEFT to RIGHT: Audio Adapter (from Nokia 5510) and Cig Adapter Audio Adapter in Action... Cig Adapter in Action...
  5. pde din po kung sino may mpx220 jan eh pa firmware upgrade na lang po kami sainyo kasi nag totopak yung mouthpiece... minsan ok minsan mahina.. ty
  6. bumili po kasi kami ng gf ko ng mpx220 na walang data cable kasi naiwan daw po sa US. kaya charger lang at yung phone yung nasaamin. ask ko lang po kung san nakakabili. kasi nag hanap na po ako kung san san wala parin po akong mahanap. Tsaka nga pala san po nakakabili ng power adapter ng sap na malapit sa fairview? tinawagan ko po wireless center sa sm fairview wala daw stock. ty po in advance...
  7. I do :) Can't afford to buy a new one... unless you give me one heh? :D
  8. yes... but the problem is Tanager is not using the same standard as "other" devices do such as nokia and sony ericsson (what I believe is OBEX). i had encountered alot of situation where I couldn't communicanicate with the other devices using the built-in receive via infrared... but i COULD communicate with them using Smart Explorer's receive via ifra... that is why I am asking where the receive via infrared of Total Commander...
  9. can anyone tell me where to find the "receive" via infrared in Total Commander? All I see is the "send"...
  10. can't seem to find: "receive" by infrared... anybody?
  11. OT: by the way is OREXIS safe to use? any side effects? ;) just kidding... all I see is OREXIS... OREXIS everywhere... in modaco...
  12. my smartphone was free also ;) ofcourse with two yr subscription contract... anyway I want to become a member because of the apps... thats it... and ofcourse to support modaco... :D
  13. san makakabili ng C500 dito? magkano?
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